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Lighting TD and Compositor – Boss Level Studios

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Boss Level Studios is looking for a skilled individual in lighting and compositing to join an ambitious team on an ambitious project!
Please thoroughly and carefully read through all of the details of this post and the FAQ before submitting your inquiry because we are looking for serious candidates only!
The ideal candidate needs to demonstrate a clear understanding of how light, shadow, and color create environmental tone and mood. Also, need to have a thorough understanding of the needs of visual storytelling.


Work with the project manager, art leads, and other technical artists to create a compelling finished look for a variety of environmental tone, mood, look and feel while maintaining a consistent style in mind throughout the project
Anticipate and communicate various production constraints within compositing/lighting techniques and understand the budgeting restrictions associated with them
Create, maintain, and communicate documentation for look guidelines and implementation techniques
Able to plan and execute complex 3D lighting scenes, including working with layers, and passes
Able to determine best approach to solve lighting and compositing challenges and develop final overall look
Able to perform all tasks associated with the compositing and lighting process, including 2D tracking, layering of elements, color grading, roto work, projection of elements, and extensive 3D compositing
Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets


Must have an mid to advanced proficiency with Adobe After Effects / Nuke, with an emphasis on visual composition, balance of color, and use of 2D / 3D lighting techniques

A minimum of 1-3 years’ experience as a compositor

Be able to present a portfolio or demo reel that demonstrates. the demo reel must present a keen eye for detail and the ability to use light, shadow and color to create a variety of tones and moods, as well as maintaining a high level of consistency while be able to tell a visual story

Self-motivated, social, and a great team-player

Must own a full copy of Adobe After Effects and Nuke ( a copy will not be provided)

Proactive communication skills
Be able to meet and exceed deadlines
Be able to handle multiple tasks
Be able to properly manage time


Familiar with 3dsmax, Maya, Photoshop, and 3rd party lighting tools
Experience lighting real-time, and / or pre-rendered film or animation
Strong illustration or photography skills
Familiar with other compositing packages, such as Nuke
Being a lover of the zombie genre would be awesome!



Cover letter

Must be willing to complete an art test if requested to do so
Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album)
Portfolio, and / or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required

For consideration, please submit your portfolio to:
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