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Final Boss Level Studios is seeking a Modeler for the creation of Environments

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Note: Please thoroughly and carefully read through all of the details of this post before submitting your inquiry because we are looking for serious candidates only that are willing to take on this position for the next year – you must have the time and commitment to this project otherwise you cannot be considered (and you need not apply either)!You must also be OK with the pay structure; pay structure is non-negotiable.

Job Description

Final Boss Level is looking for someone who is talented, passionate, and dedicated to modeling.
As the project manager of our animated film series, it is my responsibility (and pleasure) to scout and recruit the right mix of people who can assist with the successful creation of our animated film project by assisting us with the creation of the environments needed for the series.


Final Boss Level is a young, fresh and very hungry studio with a mission of doing things our way.
We are currently in the process of developing a website for our studio. In the meantime if you would like some basic information on Final Boss Level studios, please visit the following links:


What is required?

A formal degree is not required. So long as you have experience, as well as the time to commit to the project and are confident in your work and abilities and are confident in Final Boss Level’s mission and project, that is all that is required.


When does this job start and how long will production last?
Immediately. We anticipate the series to run for 3 seasons but at this time we are looking to secure an modeler who can create the environments for the first season. If there is a mutual continued interest after completing the production of Season 1, there will be potential for the modeler to stay on board for the production of Seasons 2 and 3. Ideally the candidate should not get involved with other projects as it may hinder commitment to this project. Expect this project to last for at least one year.

How much work is needed?

Details will only be disclosed to qualifying candidates.

Is this a paying job?
Yes but not up front as we are following a crowd-funding campaign structure, which means there may be no guarantee of payment for works created. The production cost of this series is anticipated to be fully funded by a crowd-funding campaign that will be launched on (The campaign date is currently TBD). Compensation is a percentage based on total crowdfunding campaign revenue. Compensation will only be provided if campaign funding goal is met and please keep in mind it could be a year or longer until you get paid – however long production takes is how long it will take the crowdfunding campaign to start, which means the more eager and productive you are, the faster we can get through the production of this series, and the faster not just you but everyone on the production team will get paid.

To apply for this opportunity you will need to demonstrate the following abilities:

• Strong technical knowledge
• Must have strong communication skills
• Eye for detail

Ideally, you should:

• Own a high end computer system
• Own full copies of programs required for the creation of environments
• Be a genuine team player

How to express interest or submit samples:

To express interest, please email your samples and a link to your digital portfolio to:

In the subject line of your email please state your full name followed by “Environment Inquiry”; it is very important that you attach your samples and/ or include a link to your digital portfolio or you will not get a response to your inquiry.

If your submission is suitable and approved, we will contact you directly to further discuss details of this project. This is a remote, work from home position.

~Jose Rodriguez
Project Manager
Final Boss Level Studios

Twitter: @Nothing_T0_lose
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  • jon

    Is this a joke? Very unrealistic expectations

  • Nate

    I did some research, honestly not happening for 2016 launch at any time