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Obsidian Entertainment Recruiting Narrative Designer

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Narrative Designer

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for an experienced and talented Narrative Designer to join our Armored Warfare development team.
Obsidian Entertainment is currently looking for a talented Narrative Designer to join us in creating content for Armored Warfare, an innovative free-to-play multiplayer (PvE and PvP) online shooter video game featuring modern fighting vehicles and weapon systems. This individual will be responsible for writing content that represents and enhances our game’s creative vision and to ensure that all characters and narrative content are implemented with the highest levels of quality. Responsibilities will include creation of game characters, game lore, design documentation, and writing of in-game text and dialog. The ideal candidate for this position needs to have a thorough understanding of game development processes and pipelines, an ability to adapt to and work with an existing tool set, and an established track record designing fun and engaging MMO or RPG content. Candidates should be prepared to show and discuss examples of their past work.

All applicants will be required to take a design test.


Collaborate with internal and external development resources to design, implement and iterate game lore and in game text and dialog.
Provide game lore, game characters and story documentation on request. Quickly writing and iterating compelling content as needed for all aspects of the game’s development.
Take and maintain ownership of the game IP, lore, stories and characters. Then champion, maintain and polish the development of these elements ensuring a consistent vision through all aspects of production.
Ensure game concepts and mechanics are appropriate to fiction and positioning.
Review and edit all game and game related text, ensuring that the game vision is maintained, and that content is compelling and consistent.
Contribute to all aspects of game design.


Excellent writing skills
2+ years game industry experience.
A strong technical background in game development, writing and content design (preferably on an MMO), and hands-on knowledge of free-to-play, multiplayer game genre
Experience working closely/hands-on with other developers in a collaborative environment.
Exceptional creativity.
Exceptional attention to detail.
Love of computer and console role-playing/action games and MMOs.
Excellent communication skills including communicating and receiving feedback from others.
All resumes must be accompanied with a website portfolio or samples of work.

Simply apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line.

Please no phone calls or drop ins. We only accept emailed applications.
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