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Obsidian Entertainment Recruiting Senior Animator & Senior Character Artist

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Senior Animator

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for talented, self-motivated Animator to join us in creating content for a high profile role playing game.
The ideal candidate has experience animating and bringing to life both human and non-humanoid characters. A solid grasp of the principles of Animation is essential. The ideal candidate must be creative and have the ability to understand priorities, work well within a fast-paced production environment, and be able to work with designers, Artists, Programmers, and other developers to create high quality character animations.


Exceptional skill animating characters and creatures
5+ Years minimum industry experience
Must be able to animate characters in 3D and manage scenes and assets efficiently
Able to adhere to tight schedules with minimal supervision
A thorough understanding of animation pipelines and the processes involved from the conceptual phase to implementation
Able to iterate quickly and often to improve quality and hit technical or design goals
Ability to consistently produce large volumes of high quality animation on a tight schedule
An expert understanding of Animating in Maya
A high level of technical animation knowledge


Previous shipped titles on the game consoles and PC systems
Basic or intermediate knowledge of Mel script or comparable scripting languages
Familiarity with any of the following programs: After Effects, FaceFX, FaceWare, FaceGen, Motion Builder
Familiarity with any of the following engines: Unreal Editor, G.E.C.K., Crytek, Unity
Experience working with motion capture, facial animation capture and performance capture
Figure drawing experience, knowledge of human anatomy, experience creating character rigs
Experience creating character rigs
Experience working with cloth, physics, and VFX systems
Experience creating a character animations pipeline from the ground up


Create high quality player character combat animations, human ambient animation, and creature animations
Create and edit conversations and cinematic sequences
Create lip sync, and facial expression animations
Set up camera animation and framing for gameplay and in-game cinematic sequences
Mentor other animators
Help train programmers and artists from other disciplines on how to create and use toolsets with consideration for animation
Debug in-engine animation issues

Portfolio Requirements:

An online animation reel demonstrating quality in-game 3D animation, and examples of animated characters that appear to be alive

Portfolio Plusses:

3D character animation examples demonstrating an advance knowledge of body mechanics
3D character facial animation examples
3D character animation examples demonstrating a solid understanding of animation principle
Animation projects that demonstrate attention to acting, emotion, and storytelling
Examples of work in console or mobile games


All resumes must be accompanied with website portfolio or samples of work
Include a shot breakdown document detailing your work contribution
For console or studio animations include a document explaining specifically what you did.

Apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line.
Please no phone calls or drop-ins. We only accept emailed applications

Senior Character Artist

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a talented and self-motivated Senior Character Artist to join our growing team of RPG developers.
The Senior Character Artist position requires a solid understanding of what is current “AAA-quality” art, consistent character design, art pipelines, and current game console criteria and their limitations on memory and performance. This person understands the value of the production schedule and how to fit project goals within it. This is a hands-on position, by which he or she will set an example through exceptional asset creation, an understanding of current character art technologies, tools pipelines and interdepartmental dependencies.


High proficiency in Maya, Z-Brush, Substance Designer / Painter and Photoshop
5+ years industry experience
Excellent High and Low poly modeling skills
Excellent texture and shader creation within a PBR pipeline
Strong knowledge of human and animal anatomy, materials and garb
Solid grasp of color theory and lighting techniques for quality presentation and the best player experience
Ability to rapidly master proprietary tools and development pipelines
Ability to be resourceful and come up with creative solutions
Ability to be receptive to art direction and critiques from project art leads
Strong foundation in traditional art
Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively coordinate with producers, programmers, designers, as well as artists
Strong organizational, supervisory and mentoring skills


Experience with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4
Meaningful experience with Marvelous Designer
Knowledge of photogrammetry techniques
Knowledge of rig creation and skinning of verts
Character and prop ideation and concept development skills
Scripting experience in Python or MEL
Background in portrait painting, Photography or Cinematography


Create (Sculpt, Model, UV, texture and create materials) AAA quality characters and creatures
Work closely with the leads to ensure the visual target is always exceeded and stylistically consistent
Actively participate in technical and aesthetic problem solving discussions for the entire project
Mentor junior artists by providing creative and technical training, guidance, and feedback

Portfolio Requirements:

A web portfolio that demonstrates a range of high quality 3D and 2D art
Examples of modeled, textured and lit characters
A range of hard surface and organic models
Samples from previous industry work
Portfolio Plusses
Real-time Shader Examples
Advance Material and Rendering Samples
Examples of Marvelous Designer work done

All resumes must be accompanied with Website portfolio

Simply apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line please
Please no phone calls or drop ins. We only accept emailed applications
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