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Obsidian Entertainment Recruiting Senior Environment Artist & Designer

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Senior Environment Artist

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a talented, self-motivated Senior Environment Artist to collaborate with a growing team of developers.
The Senior Environment Artist will be responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing environments.
Using their expert knowledge of shape and form, proportions, color and design principles, this artist will model objects, create textures, apply materials, and assemble environments.


High proficiency in Maya, Z-Brush and Photoshop
4-year degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent industry experience
Excellent High and Low poly modeling skills
Strong knowledge of architecture, materials and lighting
Solid grasp of color theory
5+ years in the game industry with at least 1 shipped title in a Senior role
Ability to rapidly master development tools and pipelines
Ability to be resourceful and come up with creative solutions
Must be receptive to art direction and critiques from project art leads and team
Strong foundation in traditional art
Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate between design, art and programming
Strong organizational and mentoring skills
Passion for gaming


Experience with Cryengine
Strong concept development Skills
Working knowledge of Quixel dDo and nDo
Example images of quality environment concept development
Background in Architecture, Photography, or Cinematography
Experience working with outsourced assets and communicating with outsource teams


Model, texture, and create the materials for environment assets
Work closely with Art Director and Level Designers to ensure the visual target is met or exceeded
Actively participate in technical and aesthetic problem-solving discussions
Complete work under reasonable deadlines
Mentor junior staff by providing training, guidance, and feedback

Portfolio Requirements

A web portfolio that demonstrates a range of high quality 3D and 2D art
Examples of modeled, textured and lit interiors/exteriors.
A range of hard surface and organic models
Samples from previous industry work

Portfolio Pluses

Architectural Rendering Samples
Environment Art Concept Samples
All resumes must be accompanied with Website portfolio

Apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line
Please no phone calls or drop ins. We only accept emailed applications


Obsidian Entertainment is currently looking for a top notch level designer to join us a new role-playing game.
For this project, we expect level designers to fully participate in the level creation process, from initial conception to final implementation of gameplay. Design responsibilities will include all of the following: generating design documents for areas, creating blockouts to preview areas and test gameplay, collaborating with level artists to tackle issues and ensure that level goals are being achieved, and implementing encounters, scripting and dialogue as needed to bring your areas to life. You should be a proactive problem-solver, able to create innovative solutions and eager to share them with your team. Most of all, we are looking someone passionate about their work and ready to help bring a new world to life.
Applicants should be ready to provide samples of their level design and/or 3D modeling work as needed.


3+ years game industry experience, working on area design.
Worked on at least one shipped title through its complete production cycle.
Experience with the Unity engine is preferred.
Creativity and exceptional attention to detail desired.
Experience generating 3D blockouts of game levels.
Experience with scripting languages.
Interest in helping integrate story, character and gameplay into a cohesive whole.
A team player that knows how to collaborate effectively with artists and programmers.
Excellent communication skills, including the ability to produce effective documentation that sells your ideas.
Ability to adhere to tight schedules.
Comfortable receiving criticism and iterating on design work as needed.
Love of computer and console party-based role-playing games
Skilled with Microsoft Office, bug tracking softwarde, source control software, and game development toolsets.

Simply apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line please.
Please no phone calls or drop ins. We only accept emailed applications.
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