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Obsidian Entertainment Recruiting User Experience Designer

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User Experience Designer

Category: Other
Company: Obsidian Entertainment
Location: Irvine (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a senior User Experience Designer to join our team.
The User Experience Designer position is focused on creating a user-friendly, streamlined, consistent user experience. Candidates should be practical, analytical, and objective. The main function of this position is to continually advance the usability of the interface and improve the user’s interactions with the underlying features and systems.


Prior experience in a position specializing in user experience design, information architecture, interaction design, usability engineering, human-computer interaction, human factors, ergonomics, test analysis, or other related specializations. Professional, non-game industry experience is acceptable.
Proficient in carrying out heuristic evaluations on existing and proposed user interface elements, generating analyses, and offering specific recommendations for improvement.
Strong understanding of methods for objectively evaluating a user experience.
Ability to continually evaluate, simplify, and improve existing designs to increase user acceptance and streamline the interaction flow.
Ability to communicate with and coordinate between design, art, and engineering departments.
Comfort with a rapidly evolving project and with tight deadlines.
Game industry experience.
Educational background in human-computer interaction, usability, user-centered design, user experience, industrial design, information design, applied psychology, cognitive science, human factors, informatics, computer science, or other design/applied science fields.
Familiarity with existing standards/guidelines for ergonomics and usability compliance (ISO, MSDN, etc.), and an understanding of how they are applied.
Completion of one or more certification programs related to HCI, usability, user experience, user-centered design, etc.
Prior attendance to conferences on usability (SIGCHI, HCI International, UIST, IUI, CISS, INTERACT, etc.).
Experience in Quality Assurance.


Evaluate UI/UX designs, prototypes, and completed features for consistency.
Conduct usability evaluations (data analysis, questionnaires, task analysis, focus groups, etc.).
Provide analyses of existing user interface designs and common interactions with proposals for improvement.
Work with the team to implement and verify proposed improvements.

Simply apply via e-mail:
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