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Obsidian Entertainment Recruitment UI/UX Designer

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UI/UX Designer

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for an experienced, talented UI/UX Designer to join our team.
The UI/UX Designer position requires a highly technical mind in addition to a good sense of layout, interactivity, and flow. The ideal candidate will have a strong understand of information architecture and how large amounts of information can be visually and functionally transformed into an attractive, intuitive user interface.


Prior experience as a UI/UX designer on at least one shipped game title (non-game industry experience on completed software products or live applications/websites may be acceptable).
Proficient working with motion graphics – vector and raster.
Willingness and ability to take ownership of the creation of a user experience from the concept stage (starting from a written design, sketches, and/or wireframes) all the way to the execution of a functional interface.
Strong understanding of how to objectively evaluate a user experience for learnability and usability, and then adjust the design of the UI based on empirical data.
Ability to continually re-evaluate, simplify, and improve existing designs to increase user acceptance.
Ability to communicate effectively between design, art and programming.
Comfortable with rapidly changing requirements and tight deadlines.
Passionate about games and gaming.


Understanding of and comfort with existing standards for ergonomics and usability compliance (ISO, MSDN, etc.).
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, etc.).
Proficient with Scaleform SDK.
Educational background in cognitive science, psychology, industrial design, engineering, or any other applied science.
Experience with any commercial game development packages (Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, etc.).
Non-UI programming or scripting experience (C++, C#, Lua, Python, etc.).
Traditional art, photography, or graphic design experience.
3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, etc. in any major 3D package.
Web design, HTML, CSS


Take ownership of the entire user interface pipeline on an upcoming video game title, from design to implementation.
Understand, wrangle, and integrate huge amounts of data into a powerful, dynamic, functional, beautiful user experience.
Work with artists, game designers, and programmers to fully integrate the aesthetic, mechanical, and technical elements of the product’s user interface.
Continually improve on an existing user interface, even after a product is launched.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of the entire UI/UX pipeline from concept to completion.
Examples of working interface prototypes (preferably interactive – videos may be acceptable).
Samples of UI/UX work from previous completed commercial products/websites.
Plus: Samples of traditional art or graphic design.
Plus: Samples of code/scripts.
Art resumes must be accompanied by a Website portfolio.

Simply apply via e-mail:

Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line please.
Please no phone calls or drop ins. We only accept emailed applications.
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