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Zoic Studios is an Award winning VFX company made up of accomplished artists and producers who understand story, process, and relationships. Partnership, integrity, and enthusiasm are our key founding principles. We have two studios located in Los Angeles and Vancouver, Canada.  Some of our recent credits include, Gangster Squad, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Once Upon A Time, Fringe and Falling Skies.


Our Vancouver location is currently seeking an On-Set VFX Supervisor for episodic projects.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:

  • Prep
    • Read new scripts and prepare prelim VFX overview / breakdown and possible methodologies – for discussion
    • Prepare any reference material for meetings.
    • Assist Director in shot design, storyboarding, VFX sequence methodology.
    • Manage information, and communication between production and VFX for successful shot execution.
    • Create the VFX master breakdown sheet to aid various depts. in coordinating their role in the VFX shots.
    • Attend all necessary prep meetings – Specifically pre concept, concept, VFX, art dept., SPFX & stunts, Props and prod.
    • Coordinate with Art Department for virtual set needs -set layout and dimensioning information.
    • Check wardrobe, Set Dec and props as needed for green / blue screen and other possible keying issues.
    • Provide input and VFX consultation as needed on development of other departments work.  I.e. stunt work and rigging.
    • Camera equipment and testing, lighting and grip set up, props and spfx rigging – all interactive VFX components.
    • Provide tech scout guidance to survey team to help maximize shot success.
    • Prep any special VFX materials – eye line reference, foam core framing and size refs, special markers & targets.
    • Coordinate VFX Studios’ special needs and requirements with appropriate depts.
    • Ensure all needed reference material, footage, art is prepped for onset guidance prior to shooting.
    • Confirm shots and prep footage for video playback if needed.
    • Coordinate any special Virtual set / VR set requirements with all departments.
    • Manage green stage accessories and maintenance.
    • Take necessary notes and photos of props, sets, locations etc. as needed.
  • Shoot
    • Confirm with any involved Dept. that VFX requirements will be addressed.  Plan for plan “B”
    • Consult and strategically guide VFX shot set up.  Provide any needed camera set up data.
    • Provide camera and continuity with V slate requirements when needed.
    • Record on set camera data and additional data and measurements when required.
    • Take on set reference, texture, matte painting pics and HDRI photos as needed.
    • Track and submit the VFX shots and time for the onset reports as per production requirements.
    • Work with Director, Camera Dept. and DP to ensure proper framing and movement for VFX action and elements.
    • Track VFX shot counts and budget items during production.   Communicate with any major deviation from the budget.
    • Make critical on set decisions to maximize shot success and/or plan for issues.
    • Provide for eye line targets and stand in reference placement.
    • Consult with studio for additional on-set VFX assistant scheduling.
    • Supervise / Direct additional B cam, splinter and element shoots as required.
    • Provide VFX stills unit capability. Elements for sprites, matte paintings, set extensions etc.
    • Manage day to day developments and interdepartmental communications during production.
    • Ensure for adequate coverage, plates and other beneficial elements
    • Manage the video playback needs as required.
    • Provide end of day reports.

Please email CV to with your full name and title in subject line.

**BC Residents only please.