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Oriental Dream Works Recruiting Production Manager

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Production Manager


Job Description:

The Production Manager (PM) is responsible for managing the day-to-day computer graphics animation production schedule and the crew to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the production. Under the direction of the Producer, he/she develops and oversees the department schedules and implements the overall show strategies.
The PM interacts with Producer and Senior Management on day-to-day crew progress and needs. The PM is also responsible for ensuring that pertinent information is communicated to all appropriate parties on the project at all times. The ideal candidate will have completed at least one computer graphics animated motion picture as a production manager or a digital production manager on a large scale visual effects post production picture.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Create and maintain the overall show schedule, ensure that department schedules tie into the master schedule, and track/forecast headcount and resource usage.
Coordinate the day-to-day production workflow and communication on the floor.
Ensure quotas are met and troubleshoot issues that prevent departments from hitting quotas. Assess challenges to productivity and direct the senior leadership towards solutions to solve the issues. Strategize production challenges to ensure a steady flow of inventory.
Manage and mentor production staff to greater effectiveness.
Run weekly production meetings (and other departmental weekly meetings as needed) to ensure clear communication, dissemination of information, acknowledge accomplishments, and discuss challenges and crew issues.
Work with Department Supervisors and Digital Training / Artistic Development in anticipation of show-specific training needs.
Facilitate performance management and review process for crew and production personnel.
Create data standards and monitor each department’s information in the production database (Shotgun) and continually validate the accuracy of the information.


7 years in digital animation production and/or visual effects post-production senior management.
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
Familiarity with generating, analyzing, and manipulating Excel spreadsheets using formulas.
Ability to demonstrate a proven capacity for strategic thinking and critical analysis.
Effective communication ability in upward and downward management across all mediums (speaking in front of groups, email, VTC meetings, etc.).

Job Location: Shanghai, China

How to Apply

To submit your information, send your resume and cover letter to:
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