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Phosphor Games Recruiting Senior Environment Artist

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Senior Environment Artist

Phosphor Games Studio is currently seeking a talented and experienced 3D Environment Artist to work on unique and exciting upcoming titles. Applicants should be highly skilled in level construction and building of realistic models of architecture, terrain, and props for a state of the art, console real-time engine. Applicants must have experience in working within the technical design parameters of a game engine, the ability to work from concepts, and collaborate with the environment team to create visually stunning results leading to AAA titles.

Job Description:

• Act as the “glue” between art director, concept artists, designers, other artists and outsourcers
• Work closely with Art Director and team leads to ensure highest quality of environment artwork
• Act as a mentor to less experienced artists
• Be capable of creating all aspects of 3D game environments This includes modeling, texturing and lighting, of terrain, interior and exterior architecture, world objects and collision


• Construct and lay out 3D environments based on level designer blockouts and concept art to a high degree of finished quality
• Must work “smart” – develop a set of components for a level that perform within memory and can be reused in clever ways to keep the game experience fresh
• Manage technical aspects of environments, including high-res source geometry, shader creation, damage states, and collision
• Work with the production staff to schedule and track environment art efforts
• Ability to work in a variety of artistic styles and game genres
• Meet project deadlines / milestones as agreed to in planning sessions
• Assist team in environment outsource initiatives


• Expert knowledge in overall scene composition, set dressing, lighting and atmosphere
• Ability to model, texture, and light 3D Environments to a HIGH level of quality
• Minimum of 5 years experience with at least one shipped title for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and/or PC
• Exemplary communication, organizational, and problem solving skills
• Receptive to working in collaboration with game team
• Strong technical aptitude related to 3D modeling tools and game engine technologies.
• Ability to create an efficient and streamlined pipeline that other environment artists can follow
• Work and direct in a wide range of artistic styles, maintaining the appropriate style over the course of the project
• Strong comprehension of architecture and landscapes
• Fluent knowledge of Maya or 3ds Max, ZBrush/Mudbox, and Photoshop (Maya preferred)
• Experience with animated environment effects and real-time shaders is a plus
• Excellent lighting skills
• Genuine enthusiasm and interest in video games
• Experience with Unreal Engine 4 preferred

Sample Work Required:

• Samples of 3D environmental work, (online format)
• Samples of texture work, raw textures and examples of texture application
• If portfolio does not contain certain specific kinds of work, applicant may be asked to create one or more samples based on provided guidelines and specifications

Apply with your resume, cover letter, and sample work to:
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