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Short term VFX job on sci/fi thriller shortfilm “The pinocchio” – Pink Snake films

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I’m the Producer of the new born company Pink Snake Films and I’m writing regarding a VFX
job on our last shortfilm, “The pinocchio”
It is a short film we submitted to “Cannes Competition” about two weeks ago, but which
unfortunately we were unable to color grade and polish with some VFXs within the deadline.
Because of the very positive feedbacks from the public after the screening of the film in Italy, we
decided to complete it before submitting it to further festivals.
The film is a 15’00” thriller/sci-fi , it’s a dystopian adaptation of the tale of Pinocchio, written by an
Italian author. The section of the film you would need to work on is the transformation of the
protagonist, Pinocchio, into a wooden puppet.
More precisely: Pinocchio’s lips melt together at a ceratin point in the film, ( this was done with a
sylicone mask applied onto Pinocchio’s mouth ), but the make up unfortunately turned out to be too
evident and the sylicone mask didnt blend and disappear into the rest of the face, we can now see the
edges of the mask and it’s different texture.
The scene lasts about 20” where Pinocchio tied to a chair struggles and shakes untill the screen
blacks out.


– The latex mask must disappear and blend into the rest of the face (in terms of skin tone and
texture), take The Matrix scene when Neo’s lips melt together as a reference.
The job requires the use of 3D space as the subject moves a lot, the whole scene is seen as a
super close up of the subject’s face.


– The exact job deadline is yet to be confirmed. It will be on the 15th of April the latest.
– A ‘Prores422’ export of the interested sequence will be sent to interested applicants. The
company is based in Italy therefore the material will be sent either via Wetransfer or HD.
– Give us a quote and we will then discuss the exact terms of the job with our Executive

Attached a still from the transformation.

Thank you for the attention,
best regards,
Nicola Pagni

Contacts: (Producer) (Director/Co-producer)
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