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Pixar Animation Studios Recruiting Technical Director

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Technical Director, Character Shading

Location: Emeryville, CA
Job #: 1742



Develop and implement appearance of the texture, color, and material properties of objects
Develop shaders using a wide range of techniques and resources, including 2D / 3D texture painting, procedural signals, reuse and modification of existing shading functions, and the creation of original algorithmic work
Projects may also include technical development such as implementing procedurals in the Renderman shading language, writing Renderman DSOs and other graphics functionality, and optimizing existing pipelines and assets
May be asked to paint textures in programs like Adobe Photoshop or The Foundry’s Mari
Work may be expressed as drawings, paintings, photographics and motion picture references and/or actual reference objects or location
Works closely with production designers and directors to iterates on the desired look
Maintains asset stability for downstream departments


Work should exhibit a strong emphasis on surface history, demonstrating knowledge of how materials interact, change, and respond to illumination — color, composition, and render quality will also be evaluated
Reel should include both turntables and animated shots; material and layer breakdowns a plus
Personal artwork may be included, if relevant


Experience using 3D animation software required. Graphics programming, including: Renderman, Maya, SideFX Houdini and The Foundry’s Nuke, & Katana a plus
Experience writing shaders with any major shading language (osl, rsl, glsl, C++) a plus
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Animation or Fine Arts recommended, though not required


Apply online with your resume, demo reel breakdown and cover letter
Please ensure that you have agreed to the Terms at the end of the on-line application, you will not be able to continue without this affirmation
By agreeing, you are agreeing to the terms of the Submission Release
With this application, please provide a link to your online demo reel in the “demo reel section of the application”, demonstrating your Editing skills
Due to the high volume of submissions, we’re not able to provide feedback
Please note that we do not accept any submissions at the Security Kiosk
Due to the quantity of submissions we receive, we are unable to personally confirm receipt of packages

Pixar is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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