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Pixomondo Recruiting VFX Editor

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VFX Editor

Category: Editor
Company: Pixomondo
Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Department: Editorial
Position Level: Junior / Mid
Division: Feature Film and Commercial
Facility: Frankfurt
Date(s): ASAP
Contract Type: Employee

Company Requirements:

PIXOMONDO is an international visual effects company with a global network. We are recruiting for key positions in our Frankfurt office, where we would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work in a fresh and international environment.

Good Judgment.

You know what to do. And you know what you need to do now and what you can do later. You know if it needs a bandage or a cure. And you know what’s going to happen after you’re done with it.

Creativity and Curiosity.

You’re smart, but flexible. You’re open to considering the other perspective, and sometimes you have the responsibility to come up with it. You don’t just “do your thing”. You’re interested in how other people are doing “their things” too, and how all of those “things” can be done better.


You understand the people you work with are as important as you, and believe that what’s good for the company and good for the project, are likely what’s good for you too. You listen to what other people are saying and understand it. You can communicate well with others in writing and in person because you know you’re not alone.

Courage, Passion, and Honesty.

You don’t do something wrong simply because you “were told to” and aren’t afraid to speak up respectfully when it’s important. We want everything to be the best it can be, and you do too. You take risks and responsibility in proportional measure, and you’re reliable. When you say it’ll be done, it gets done, and when you said it would.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Manage sequence and shot turnovers to VFX, including all VFX elements and reference plates, documenting in detail the notes from editors and director about VFX work required for each shot.
– Generate count sheets and plate line-up information, and translate data into the online shot tracking database (Shotgun).
– Create Avid ref sequences to represent directors’ creative intent for each shot, at correct frame length, for final delivery.
– Update sequences with any changes to the cut and communicate changes to the VFX team.
– Cut in VFX works in progress and finals into master cut sequences,confirm timing, line-ups, and that the work matches what was requested in shot turnover sheets.
– Quality control checks of all VFX shots as shots are submitted for reviews.
– Host any necessary VFX editorial review for VFX supervisors, as well as editors and directors.
– Maintain database of shot turnover sheets, as well as shot finals sheets, to be used as documentation for final conform.
– Provide support to digital artists, as needed.
– perform I/O tasks, including converting and encoding of all standard data formats, e.g. DPX/TIFF image sequences, QT files, different type of wrappers/containers.

Job Qualifications:

– 2+ years VFX editing experience
– Extensive experience working with editing and compositing software on Avid and Final Cut Pro.
– Both PC (Windows) and Mac proficient. Linux experience a plus.
– Proficient organization and management of visual/digital data.
– Familiar with shot tracking database systems (Shotgun, a plus), Word, Excel and other productivity software tools.

Additional Requirements:

You will also be required to have a work permit and permission to live in Germany if you are a non-EU citizen
To Apply for this Position:

Please apply online using the button below or email an application to Please include your current resume, reel breakdown, a link to your demo reel and rate.
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