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Prime Focus Vancouver Hiring: Render Wrangler

Prime Focus Vancouver is looking for a Render Wrangler ASAP for a staff position.
Our ideal candidate will be highly organized and have the ability to monitor and control the rendering process and manage the render farm but primarily fulfill and supervise the inter-office data transfer requests. Must be willing and available to work shift work, including evenings and weekends, and overnight shifts as required to support production. If you have attention to detail and have the ability to track and document all data coming into and leaving the office then consider yourself for this position. We require a highly organized, self-motivated person to help control the flow of information between all our offices. This includes inter-office data transfers, client delivery, and source material arriving from the client.

The purpose of this job is to ensure the flow of rendered images between art departments and to act as a quality control “first line of defense” spotting mistakes before they compound. The wrangler works under the direction of the Lead Technical Director, maintaining the aesthetic, creative and technical quality standards of Prime Focus Film.

Render Wrangler Key Responsibilities:
– Manage the rendering of all shots in a production
– Manage shot file structure
– Provide render technical support
– Identify, report, and find solutions to technical rendering and composition errors
– Interact with facility Production and IT Support department staff
– Works closely with all other departments to keep the production on schedule
– Identifies potential issues and participates in problem solving/tool building activities
– Mentors and trains others in areas of expertise
– Maintains an excellent understanding of the tools and software used in the post-production of VFX

Render Wrangler Required Skills:
– Excels as a team player and strives to maximize team/department performance
– High degree of computer literacy
– Ability to learn new software quickly, and learn on the job, if necessary
– Ability to analyze and problem solve
– Capacity to take responsibility and ability to manage and prioritize their time and workload
– Ability to record information accurately and produce reports
– Experience in scripting is desirable but not essential
– Respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline.

I/O Key Responsibilities:
– Perform and manage inter-office data transfers
– Renaming files to conform to company standards
– Co-ordinate with Systems Administration to ensure files are correctly placed
– Recieve physical media (cd, dvd, hard drives) from client and partner studios, load contents on to servers
– inventory and track physical media (cd, dvd, hard drives) for sending to client and partner studios
– Prep files for delivery to clients (conforming to client delivery specifications)
– Monitor and manage disk space on servers
– Assist in the administration and maintenance of the Prime Focus network; render computers, servers, software, editing equipment, printers, workstations, miscellaneous hardware and computer attachments

I/O Required Skills:
– Must be experienced with FTP, SFTP. Basic understanding of Aspera a plus
– Must be familiar with VNC and Remote Desktop services
– Must be available for evening and weekend shifts
– Basic understanding of Maya and Nuke a plus but not required

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