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Production Assistant- Digital Domain Vancouver

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Production Assistant- Digital Domain Vancouver

Location: Vancouver
Reports To: Producer
Status: Non-Exempt
Classification: Full Time, Project Based

The Production Assistant provides administrative support to the production management team and show supervisors.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for setup of dailies, nightlies, and all client reviews in the Screening Room and view stations
• Creates and maintains show board with revisions, omits, and shot length changes; updates the production tracking system and notifies the affected crew as needed
• Coordinates the ordering, delivery, and clean up of food and drink
• Arrange travel for cross-site supervisors
• Responsible for administrative tasks including scheduling meetings, booking.conference rooms, document filing, and general administrative support for the production team
• Maintains show administrative documentation including show crew lists, distribution lists, contact information, and meeting schedules for the show website
• Completes research as needed for production team and show supervisors
• Tracks all shipping and receiving to and from clients and Digital Domain’s LA studio
• Maintains a stock of office supplies for the production office
• Assists with facility event planning

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications, or related field
• Production experience is a plus
• Experience using ShotGun is a plus
• Experience with visual effects or feature animation systems and pipelines a plus
• Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office applications required
• Knowledge of Gmail and Google Apps for work is a plus
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
• Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a high pressure environment

To apply for this position submit an application at
Please select Vancouver from the drop down location menu
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  • lol

    looks crazy creepy…

    • SchmittStix


    • Sebastian Diaz Zavala

      I thought the same thing

  • ShiroEd

    Fantastic tech but I’m left with one question: Why?

  • warex3d

    Everything is weird about this ad

  • Guest

    Why they can’t just hire an actor?, or is a legendary actor reincarnated digitally because if not, this not have sense.

  • Andrey Rebolledo

    Why they can’t just hire an actor?, or is a legendary actor reincarnated digitally because if not, this have no sense.

  • Nemon

    they replaced the actor with a cg of a legendary egyptian comedian and actor who passed away few years ago. it took people by surprise it was very moving.

  • Mahmoud Shahin

    i am egyptian … when i first saw it in ramadan i was shocked this was FAUD EL-MOHANDES one of the most popular corners of family and comedy of egypt’s both cinema and Tv and {had passed away few years ago} … it was a real delight seeing him again even as CG …. {The whole country talked about it} …. and it was the first anything CG ever on Egypt’s tv 😀

  • I.A.Bhutto

    ohhh it make sense now… When I first saw it I thought WTH.. but after reading comments I know it must be nice surprise for the people who love Faud El-Mohandes

  • Ian Hollinhead

    its the same concept of the 2 pac hologram for americans, He is a famous person that is no longer alive, although I dont understand why they went to all the work of making a facial rig when all they did in the comercial was make him smile the whole time. His expression rarely changed….

  • DIO

    I love the ad! But the Actor’s face in the ad does not make any movement! I saw that the rig took 4 weeks.. I saw the Rig demo video.. it could make lots of expressions.. but in the add, the actor’s (CG) face shows no animation. Not even lipsync. Big waste of time and technology!

    • Le DemonHacker

      i guess because animators can’t speek arabic ,so they couldn’t make him act realistic when speeking or so ,

      • N Ingram

        lip sync is animated based on phonemes and mouth shapes… he could have been speaking jibberish for all the animators should care. I agree it was a bit of a waste though, the facial rig looked amazing and that was hardly shown in the final footage. But I guess as long as the final product made people happy, the technicalities shouldn’t matter.

  • aws dhia

    please help when i make a face how can i make it into another face in real movie or real shot thanks

  • Kay-K

    why a CG head was needed for this video ? why they didn’t used the real one ?
    if someone knows the answer please tell.

    • Faaw

      cuz this guy an actor died for long time ago and he is very famous in this month (ramadan)