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Psyonix Recruiting Prop Artist, Technical Sound Designer, FX Artist & Sr. Gameplay Programmer

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Prop Artist

Psyonix, an independent video-game developer, is looking for a qualified Prop Artist to join the art team of a 100+ person creative and tech team in downtown San Diego.

Our ideal candidate is creative, self-motivated, has at least 2+ years of experience and has shipped at least one title. All applicants must include wireframe models, including textures and breakdown descriptions.


• Create a wide array of hard surface and organic prop models.
• Ability to work within budget of engine and console limitations.
• Create assets properly scaled to real world accuracy and standards.
• Multitask and complete work within schedule
• Adhere to the look and feel of the game through the team’s feedback.
• Collaborate with other departments including design, programming and animation.


• 2+ years experience in a production environment.
• Complete understanding of modeling, texturing and optimization of assets through next gen pipeline.
• Proficiency with Maya, Max, Substance, Zbrush, Photoshop and equivalent software
• Experience working on a large scale, 3D title (PC/Console) is preferred
• Strong understanding of asset pipelines and agile development environments.
• Nextgen game engine experience – Unreal, Unity etc.


• Strong foundation in art fundamentals of composition, design, light, etc.
• Desire and ability to work in a self-directed, fast pace work environment.
• Ability to visualize and conceptualize props.
• Attention to development pipelines and target milestones.
• Ability to gather, analyze, and act on feedback from the team, openness to critique.
• Passion and constant drive to stay up to date with latest technology and new techniques.
• Excellent written and verbal communication.

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Technical Sound Designer

Psyonix, an independent videogame developer located in downtown San Diego, is looking for a passionate and knowledgeable Technical Sound Designer to join our audio team.

As a Technical Sound Designer at Psyonix you are the conduit for the audio team to fully realize its most innovative vision. You will be the connection between the creative and technical arts and help heighten the experience for games like Rocket League. Working within a small audio team dedicated to crafting innovative and high quality audio experiences your impact will be paramount.

The ideal candidate is a master of game audio middleware, has a passion for sound design, and will be both a quick learner and enthusiastic problem solver. This person embraces both the creative and technical challenges that arise from rapid game development at a top tier studio.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

• Integration of Music, Dialogue, Sound Effects, Sound Design
• Scripting within Unreal
• Contributing to R&D of new audio features
• Helping both set and adhere to standards for audio projects
• Collaborating with audio team to create unique and immersive sonic experiences
• Creation/Design of new audio content to be utilized by the given project at hand
• Testing and debugging

Qualifications & Requirements:

• Experience integrating audio in game engines (e.g. Unity/Unreal)
• Highly proficient in Wwise and familiar with other middleware solutions
• Substantial knowledge of scripting for game engines and audio middleware
• Background in Audio Engineering (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
• Experience in producing, editing, mixing, and integrating sound effects.
• A deep understanding of procedural sound design concepts
• Mastery of current pro audio tools (Pro Tools and other DAWs, microphones, outboard gear, etc.)
• Passion for developing best practices and innovative audio integration techniques for interactive games
• Self-disciplined and able to meet deadlines
• Excellent organization and communication skills
• Ability to provide and accept critical feedback in a professional manner
• 3+ years experience in a similar role
• Music Technology related degree or relevant work equivalent experience
• Certification in a relevant technical discipline

Preferred Experience:

• Familiarity with Unreal Script (UE3) and Unreal Blueprints (UE4)
• Familiarity with Perforce (P4)
• Familiarity with C#, C++
• Familiarity with music scripting language such as Max/MSP
• Basic understanding of sound for linear mediums (music, film, tv)

NOTE: The following demo materials are required for consideration:

• Scripting Samples
• Video-reel demonstrating contributions to commercially released product
• Video-reel demonstrating sound design abilities

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FX Artist

Psyonix, an independent San Diego based video game studio and the creator of Rocket League, is looking for a highly skilled FX Artist that can help us create stunning visual effects for our new and existing IPs. Our ideal candidate will use their knowledge of 3D software and FX packages to craft amazing visuals for in game assets and environments. If you’re as skilled making a flamethrower as you are making a blizzard, we’re looking to hear from you!

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop complex and visually stunning particle and shader effects
• Create textures, models and shaders to build out effects for in game assets
• Work closely with artists, animators, designers and programmers to implement effects
• Concept, propose, and implement creative ideas for in game content


• Experience in Photoshop and 3D packages (3Ds Max or Maya) and real time, in-game FX systems
• Great technical knowledge and familiarity of game engines
• Proficient in optimizing effects and shaders to maintain the game running at target fps
• Excellent communication and organization skills. Ability to communicate effectively with people across multiple departments
• Ability to create assets from scratch and match an established style
• Great understanding of scale, timing, detail, form, texture and color
• Capacity to work in a wide range of styles
• Ability to innovate and a passion for problem solving

Ideal Candidate Has:

• At least 3 years in the video game industry
• Previously shipped PC or console titles as an FX artist using Unreal 3/UE4
• Strong understanding of real time rendering requirements
• Must be comfortable pioneering new tools and techniques
• Skill(s) in other related disciplines – 3D modeling, animation, illustration
• Must be a driven self starter

Required Application Materials:

• An online portfolio that demonstrates strong artistic and technical skills.

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Sr. Gameplay Programmer

Psyonix, an independent videogame developer located in downtown San Diego, is looking for a senior level Gameplay Programmer to implement and maintain gameplay systems in Rocket League. Work would include prototyping new functionality, implementing new features to completion, and maintaining legacy systems.

Responsibilities Include:

• Designing and creating technical specifications for major gameplay features and systems
• Working closely with the fellow programmers, artists, and designers to meet the technical requirements of the game design
• Using strong critical thinking to problem solve and debug programs
• Ensuring that the gameplay is consistent and functions at all times
• Maintaining legacy game systems


• Ability to communicate technical and complex information both written and verbal
• Experience architecting game systems and APIs
• Experience with C++ and Unreal Script
• Must be a team player and self-motivated
• Work well with fellow programmers, artists and designers

Ideal Candidate:

• Has 5+ years experience, preferably within the games industry
• Has 2+ years experience with Unreal Engine 3
• Has experience creating online multiplayer games
• Demonstrates strong mathematical skills
• Has console programming experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

Additional Preferred Software Experience:

• Visual Studio
• Perforce

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