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Psyonix Recruiting Graphics Engineer, FX Artist, Game Director & Senior Online Services Project Manager

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Graphics Engineer

Psyonix, a San Diego based video game studio and creator of Rocket League, is looking for a Graphics Engineer to work with artists and programmers to create and develop visually stunning content for our products. Our ideal candidate will be able to add new functionality to an existing rendering engine.

Responsibilities & Job Duties:

-Design and implement new visual features, using the latest techniques and inventing new ones
-Help the game team set and achieve outstanding rendering performance targets
-Write robust, maintainable, and high-performance code across a wide range of PC specs and modern consoles (Xbox One/Scorpio, PS4/Pro, Switch)
-Implement custom shaders for in-game special effects
-Work closely with artists to build new content pipelines within the title’s engine and/or 3rd party tools

Qualifications & Requirements:

-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or equivalent experience
-Game development experience, with demonstrated competency in graphics programming
-Strong 3D math skills and the understanding of 3D game engine design and various rendering techniques
-Strong knowledge of fundamentals in object-oriented design, algorithms, and data structures
-Experience using graphics and CPU debugging and profiling tools such as PIX or Razor GPU
-Experience with console development on any recent generation device (Xbox 360/One/Scorpio, PS3/PS4/PS4 Pro, Wii U, Switch)

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FX Artist

Psyonix, an independent San Diego based video game studio and the creator of Rocket League, is looking for a highly skilled FX Artist that can help us create stunning visual effects for our new and existing IPs. Our ideal candidate will use their knowledge of 3D software and FX packages to craft amazing visuals for in game assets and environments. If you’re as skilled making a flamethrower as you are making a blizzard, we’re looking to hear from you!

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop complex and visually stunning particle and shader effects
• Create textures, models and shaders to build out effects for in game assets
• Work closely with artists, animators, designers and programmers to implement effects
• Concept, propose, and implement creative ideas for in game content


• Experience in Photoshop and 3D packages (3Ds Max or Maya) and real time, in-game FX systems
• Great technical knowledge and familiarity of game engines
• Proficient in optimizing effects and shaders to maintain the game running at target fps
• Excellent communication and organization skills. Ability to communicate effectively with people across multiple departments
• Ability to create assets from scratch and match an established style
• Great understanding of scale, timing, detail, form, texture and color
• Capacity to work in a wide range of styles
• Ability to innovate and a passion for problem solving

Ideal Candidate Has:

• At least 3 years in the video game industry
• Previously shipped PC or console titles as an FX artist using Unreal 3/UE4
• Strong understanding of real time rendering requirements
• Must be comfortable pioneering new tools and techniques
• Skill(s) in other related disciplines – 3D modeling, animation, illustration
• Must be a driven self starter

Required Application Materials:

• An online portfolio that demonstrates strong artistic and technical skills.

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Game Director – Rocket League

Psyonix, a San Diego based video game studio and creator of Rocket League, is looking for a Game Director to lead and manage the Rocket League development team.

Our ideal candidate has proven experience in game design, a strong aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, excellent people skills, and an ability to understand and work effectively with team members from every aspect of game development. They will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Rocket League as a live service game including feature development, roadmap planning, and ensuring quality.


• Inspire and align the team around creative goals
• Concept and design new features for Rocket League and iterate and improve upon existing features
• Maintain game quality and health as a live service in tandem with our production, analytics, and customer service teams
• Help shape design vision and guidelines for both Rocket League and future projects at Psyonix
• Creatively problem solve around roadblocks and difficulties inherent to live game development and production
• Absorb and integrate community feedback into future development goals
• Unify input from various departments into a cohesive plan in line with the company vision
• Mentor team members and cultivate talent


• 6+ years of experience shipping games in design role
• At least one shipped game as a Lead Designer, Game Director, or equivalent role
• A passion for Rocket League as a game and esports platform
• Exceptional leadership, communication, and team management skills
• Extensive experience in systems design and game balance
• Self directed and goal oriented
• Approachable with strong interpersonal skills
• A sense of ownership and a proactive approach to problem solving


• Experience leading a team from prototype to launch
• Experience with Unreal Engine
• Experience with Programming / Gameplay Scripting
• Strong Math Skills

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Senior Online Services Project Manager

Psyonix, an independent videogame developer located in downtown San Diego, is looking for a qualified Senior Project Manager to work with the Director of Online Services as part of the Online Services (“OS”) team, overseeing the development schedule, scope of work, and operation of Psyonix’s Online Services team. Our Online Services department supports a wide variety of Psyonix’s online systems such as: game features, user profiles, authentication, match making, databases, analytics, and events. As the owner of the Online Services feature timeline, you will be accountable for the planning, execution, and delivery of the online team’s initiatives. This position has a lot of cross discipline interaction and dependencies, including working with studio Producers on project goals. Being a team player and working well with others is a critical skill for the position.

Core Responsibilities:

• Track progress of work through the feature pipeline:
-Ensure the OS production pipeline is followed by the team
-Understand requirements (design needs met, testing needs, admin needs, etc)
-Answer questions from Production and other departments on progress of work
-Work with Production and other departments to improve the pipeline

• Organize OS tasks:
-Break into sub-tasks
-Gather estimates (and track accuracy)
-Maintain feature schedules
-Prioritize efforts
-Short per-engineer task queue (for when blocked)
-Maintain OS backlog

• Coordinate with OS Lead, Production, and management:

-Regularly scheduled syncs
-Meet as needed to discussion changes in priority or work delivery issues

Additional Responsibilities:

• Manage requests for OS resources
• Determine priority, time estimate, available resources, etc.
• Work with OS Director and Production team as needed to schedule work
• Manage coordination with external contractors
• Track the status of their work, ensure they are making progress
• Maintain team calendar and remind team of upcoming events
• Run OS standups and planning meetings with OS Lead
• Help coordinate with other departments for OS needs (e.g., work with QA on OS testing)
• Look at areas of potential optimization within OS (e.g., automation improvements)


• Prior experience working with software engineers
• Excellent organizational skills
• Strong time management skills
• Must be detail oriented
• Solid interpersonal and relationship building skills
• Strong problem solving skills

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