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Psyop Recruiting Creative Director

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Creative Director

The Creative Director is responsible for seeking opportunities to help drive the creative collaboration with filmmakers, production companies, and studios by providing and servicing these clients with concept art, design, storyboards, materials and assets. This may involve overseeing artists, budgeting projects with producers, directing shots and sequences, adhering to production schedules and budgets, interacting with Psyop’’s internal core teams, and helping to drive business. This position is full time and is located in Vancouver, Canada.


Ability to handle a project from conception to completion.
Excellent attention to detail, organizational, communication and project management skills.
Provide good, clear, and direct communication between artists, task management of artists, production staff, and clients.
Understanding of the creative production process and the ability to interpret the artistic brief from directors, production designers, and VFX Supervisors.
Provide concept illustration, design, layouts, references, and storyboards to present a cohesive and comprehensive package to clients as needed.
Collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes to get projects awarded.
Experience in managing all aspects of production and post-production including script breakdowns, scheduling, etc.
Good technical understanding of the CG / digital workflow
Ability to specify efficient workflows and identify tools / hardware / software required to work efficiently.
Ability to ensure artist’s work is of a high standard both artistically and technically.
Ability to problem solve and make informed decisions in regards to the most efficient and effective techniques in respect to meeting specified budgets and schedules often under pressure.
Understanding of composition, cinematic design, and animation timing.
Previous experience training, mentoring and recruiting artists will be beneficial.
Excellent knowledge and/or understanding of the following software programs: Photoshop, InDesign, 3D and compositing systems.
Strong creative industry relations.
Minimum 10 years experience required
Flexible work hours, occasional weekends.

Send resumes to

Psyop Film & TV
400, 1 Alexander Street
Vancouver BC V6A 1B2

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