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DMG Operator

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The Digital Media Group (DMG) is an independent department serving the various business units and production departments of Psyop in areas related to digital media processing, storage, and distribution. The department has evolved from traditional video tape (VT) operators to become a “hub” of digital media
processing – from input to output. The responsibilities and knowledge requirements of the position will continue to evolve as necessary to keep pace with the various digital media needs of the CGI, video production, and visual effects industries.
Any potential candidates need to have excellent communication skills and be able to fulfill the various aspects of the position including; assistant editor, compressionist, tape operator, technician, librarian, and digital media technical advisor in a fast paced and demanding work environment. They must also be self-starters who are able to multi-task and succeed with limited direct supervision.

The required job duties include:

● Encoding – Process digital media files for use as intermediates or for final delivery. This includes camera raw files, data compression (MOV, MPEG, WMV, etc.), DVD authoring, and transcoding
● File Transfer – Digital media file transfer, distribution, and troubleshooting. This includes ad delivery networks, FTP, Aspera, web based client review, and portable drives and media
● Media Management – Managing media traffic and storage within the facility. This includes media offload and file ingest, archiving, digital asset management, and media library organization
● Quality Control – Ensuring consistent product quality for our clients. This includes audio and video measurement, standards compliance, data integrity verification, and company branding
● Standards Conversion – Convert media for delivery to various regions and presentation formats.This includes frame rate and format conversion, and international standards compliance
● Technical Assistance – Provide related technical assistance to production. This includes client suite setup, audio and video monitoring, signal routing, video tape recorders, camera equipment management, and digital media troubleshooting
● Video Tape Operations – Operate and maintain digital video tape machines. This includes video tape capture, recording, adjustment, and tape stock management
● Editing Assistance – Assist the editing and compositing artists with production tasks. This includes media logging and organization, auto-conforming, titling, audio synchronization, and previsualization assembly

The preferred software skills include:

Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Compressor, Apple DVD Studio Pro,
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Telestream Episode, Autodesk Flame
Assist, DaVinci Resolve, MPEG Streamclip, web-based facility management and ticketing, and a basic
understanding of CGI and compositing software.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit resume to – please include DMG Operator – NYC in the subject line.

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