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Hiring Maya Character TD

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Psyop is a production company led by directors with a simple mission: to craft compelling experiences that viewers seek out and share. Celebrated for groundbreaking work across platforms, Psyop specializes in creating content led by thoughtful design and breathtaking art. Psyop has offices in New York and Los Angeles.
We are currently in search of a Maya Character TD for our NY office.
Must have a strong technically-oriented mindset, as well as a strong sense of human anatomy and joint placement.
Fluency in python/mel is expected.
Experience with cloth dynamics is a plus.
Familiarity with motion capture is a bonus.
Must be able to work within a team, independently, and take directions well.
Must be able to creatively solve problems in production and create tools to facilitate unusual workflows.
Must be able to meet tight deadlines.

If you would like the opportunity to join our creative team, please send your resumes and portfolios, links/reels directly to:
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