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Psyop Recruiting Sr. Riggers

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Sr. Riggers (Freelance)

LA//NY based Commercial Animation / FX house is currently in search of Riggers/TDs for our LA office


o Experience with High End Rigging systems for both humans and Creatures
o Ability to rig, weight and setup controls and interfaces for characters and cars
o Collaboration with animation and character teams to create set ups and control rigs
o Expert with Rigging in Maya
o Expert understanding of mesh deformation.
o Advanced Mel Scripting, C++, Perl, etc.
o Must be able to work within a team environment.
o Good communication skills.
o 3-5 years commercial or film experience
o Animation Experience

Qualified candidates, please submit samples of your work to:

Please make sure to include “Rigger/TD” in the subject line
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