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Rainmaker Recruiting Shot Finaling Artist

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Shot Finaling Artist – Ratchet & Clank

Category: Other
Company: Rainmaker
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

We are looking for a Shot Finaling Artist to work on Ratchet & Clank! The role of the Shot Finaling Artist is to verify that all assets are available and are caching properly for final lighting, making necessary fixes to geometry to resolve issues such as intersections and penetrations. If geometry is having trouble caching for any reason, this individual will be responsible for determining the reason for the caching issue and do what is necessary to resolve the issue. If this opportunity sounds interesting to you and have some industry experience…then you should apply!


Collaborates with other departments to resolve technical problems related to caching.
Compares QuickTimes between approved Animation and generated caches to identify missing elements and intersection issues.
Provides support and documentation for tools created.
Interprets and implements notes and feedback from the Supervisor or Lead in a timely and qualitatively acceptable way.
Delivers assignments per project’s schedule.
Adheres to digital file managements protocols.
Supports and integrates the values of Rainmaker that being a commitment to innovation, creativity, professionalism and inspiration.
Interacts respectfully with colleagues, staff members and clients.
Additional duties as requested.



Degree and/or diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience preferred.
DVD Production

2-3+ years of experience working in a professional environment within their discipline.
Feature Film Production

4-6+ years of experience working in a professional environment within their discipline.


Solid modeling skills and a strong sense of aesthetics.
Proficiency in using Maya is required.
Proficiency in Mental Ray and/or Renderman is an asset. Knowledge of Python is a plus.
Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. Practices attentive and active listening. Shares information, methodologies and ideas with others. Incorporates feedback and direction received from the Lead and/or Director /Supervisor.
Solid work ethic and positive attitude. Ability to work under pressure. Self-motivated and pro-active. Consistently strives to expand knowledge base.
Efficient and detail oriented.
Strong problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively. Adaptable to change, he/she can alter course of action quickly per production needs.
Makes decisions in a timely manner. Accepts accountability for own actions.
Ability to deliver assignments on time that meet or exceed Shot Finaling objectives within the production budget and scheduled parameters.

Apply Hear:- Check out our open positions on this page or send us your reel, website and resume via email to
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