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Realflow Artist needed

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Looking for a Realflow artist to create bubble simulation of humpback whale blowing bubbles for approx 1500 frames.
Whales are animated, a SD file will be supplied with necessary null objects for emitters, and whales for interaction.
This is a contract based job, meaning you bid on the job, and you are responsible for your equipment and software. You will also be required to sign an NDA for the project. Look on the bright side, you can work from home.
A project file will suffice for delivery method, rather than the entire simulated bin sequence, we can run the simulation and keep the data here on site. If you have a fast connection we can also transfer all the pertinent simulation data.
If this goes well there is a lot of potential for further work for a project that is gearing up right now, which will require very large simulations for flooding, object destruction / interaction. Should be fun.

-Email contact information and qualifications / demo reel / examples to
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