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Animator/Character Rigger job opportunity at Bmad Technology


As our Animator/Character Rigger Artist you will …

Create a variety of animations for creatures, characters, scripted in-game scenes, environments, and other in-game assets.
Work closely with modeling artists to create optimized rigs that fully address the needs of the characters’ functionality.
Weight / Skin characters in an efficient manner while maintaining deformation integrity and achieving a high degree of visual fidelity
Create tools that streamline the characters and other in-game asset creation workflows throughout the entire pipeline.
Maintain character hierarchical standards, naming conventions, and other protocols
Implement animations into the project’s engine with full ownership of your work.
Give and receive constructive, creative feedback across all disciplines.
Collaborate with Production to coordinate task lists to ensure assignments are progressing as expected according to schedules, milestones and overall project goals.

We’re looking for someone who has …

3+ years of experience creating quality in-game asset animations and character rigging / skinning in a studio production environment
Mastery of relevant software packages such as Maya, 3D Max.
Strong understanding of animation principles and production art pipeline
Past experience with various rig setups, including bipedal, quadruped, and robotic / mechanical characters
The ability to work collaboratively and communicate well with multiple teams.
Comfort prototyping and working with iterative development processes.
Comfort receiving constructive group criticism and making artistic adjustments to meet performance guidelines.
Excellent work ethic, self-motivated, organized, and able to meet deadlines.
A passion for creating Digital contents for variety of industry.
Strong knowledge of Modelling.

It’s a bonus if you have …

Strong knowledge of Unity’s character production pipeline.
Strong portfolio with samples of a wide range of visual styles

If you are interested and located in Montreal send us your resume at
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