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CAD Extract Meshes. Paid


We need you to take an Inventor CAD file we have and extract meshes for the components I have highlighted in the image attached.

The images with the red highlighted parts is a machine that has already been used in an animation, we need to use a similar machine which has a few extra components, these components will be extracted from the CAD file.
The first image shows the three components we need extracted. The yellow plans of the machine has stars where these new components are

The second image shows the 4 cylindrical parts from the CAD file we need extracted.
The third image shows a chute/slide in the centre of the machine. We need this chute extracted.

We’ll need nice clean polygon mesh, not too heavy with millions of polygons, but enough to preserve the shape. .fbx or .obj is the format we need

Please indicate your fixed price for extracting the meshes and how long your predict it will take.

Please email
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