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CG Texture Artist

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Seeking a texture artist to work remotely a short film. Need someone to help finish texture
painting/materials/shaders on a very detailed hard surface model. This is for a historical piece about the early days of space flight, so you’ll have lots of reference photos of the actual craft to work off. This is unpaid, but it will be a great portfolio piece since we’re aiming for a photoreal space craft (think Gravity).
Ideally looking for someone to work in Mudbox, and definitely in Maya, with either a Vray or Mental Ray pipeline. Textures have been painted in Mudbox already, but they could use some additional attention. Vray materials have also been applied, but we’re looking for someone that can really bring some photoreal finishing detail- and maybe even help to streamline to minimize render times! This is unpaid, but you’ll be working with a very supportive (and VFX savvy) team.

Please send links of your work, and/or resumes to
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