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Concept Artists/Illustrators

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Seeking a Conceptual Artist / Illustrator for an exciting opportunity to join a growing franchise in its early stages.

The Company/Second Destiny

Second Destiny is a Social Enterprise. We have but one philosophy, your dreams are our dreams. We do not have employees, we have peers and partners. We do not provide jobs, we provide opportunities to realise your dreams.
Second Destiny was born from a passion for fiction, fantasy, adventure, action, role playing and anime. It cannot simply be described as a mobile-app development company, author group or anime studio, it is all those things and more.
We are building a universe, one comprised of all forms of media, of characters from all walks of life, a place where dreams are both questioned and realised. Our founding principal is ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve’. We aim to create dynamic experiences that will be enjoyable for years to come.

The Project/Codenamed: LUNA

A Series of Novels / A Mobile Gaming App /An Anime

The Scene

Set in a “futuristic” 1960s and in keeping with its retro atmosphere and cultural backdrop yet the technology is centuries ahead of today’s. Interplanetary travel is a common theme. Every human has a counterpart spirit/being known as “Moons” who’s life is tethered to their own. They come in various shapes and sizes and harbouring unique abilities. The book follows the journey of a young man known as Sol in his quest to discover the truth behind the tragic events of his past as well the mysteries behind the existence of the Moons. Love, tragedy, companionship are all facets of this gripping journey.
That just about sets the scene. The first book is almost complete, if you are successful in your application you can fall in love with the story just as we did when writing it.

The Opportunity/Concept Artist

Generate high quality and effective concept arts for a world that has never before been seen.

Skills needed:

– A strong sketching / drawing ability is essential
– Strong Photoshop & Illustrator knowledge
– Graphical tablet experience is advantageous
– Ability to work in a fast paced working environment

Experience needed:

– Nothing but a passion for all the above
– Creative flare and infectious personality will be crucial

As this is the start of an exciting journey for Second Destiny, the Concept Artist role is currently an unpaid internship. Although as the project continues and Second Destiny as a business grows this will turn into a full time paid position and possibly the role of art director as more artists come on board. We understand the difficulty of taking an unpaid job but remember this is an opportunity alongside a chance to be a part of something great from the very beginning and grow with it. This is an experience that comes once in a lifetime.

Role will be based in the London area.

Please provide a portfolio of your work and cv via email to:

This is an opportunity for you to find your second destiny
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