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Main Title Designer Required for short sci-fi comedy

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We are currently in post-production on a no-budget Sci-Fi comedy short and looking for a title sequence artist of any level of experience to help create our end credits sequence, lasting around 45 seconds before we switch to text-only rolling credits. You would be working remotely with an international team whose work includes Godzilla, Battlestar Galactica, Solomon Kane and Jack the Giant Slayer. Unfortunately the work is unpaid, but the project is ambitious and should prove to be fun, challenging work.
Our director has a very clear idea of what he would like the credits sequence to be like, but we would certainly welcome whatever distinctive and creative interpretations of the material you might want to propose. The film is being made for festival release worldwide and will eventually be released online as well, but we intend to finish post-production by early November, so this will need to be considered, depending on what you intend to do with the credits sequence. Ideally applicants would have experience with After Effects and some sort of 3D software like Maya, but this is not essential- the director’s vision for the credits sequence involves the use of pre-existing 3D models, but this is up for discussion.

If you would like to know more and see some of our work so far on the project to give you a clearer idea of what the film is about, you can contact me at
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