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Royalties Modeler Artist For Mobile Game Remote


About Cloudburst

Cloudburst Room Escape studio has over 12,000,000 downloads and $450,000 in revenue.
Our Mac app “Can you Escape Castle?” just hit #5 in USA, as well as #1 in many countries such as Belgium, Netherlands & France!!
We employ people from all over the world. We are a very diverse group.

About the Job

The job for a modeler artist is remote (anywhere you live is fine! Work at home in your jammies).
Part time, contract, work. We ask that you put in about half a full time job for about two or three weeks is all. Just do one level.
We subscribe to “many hands make light work”. Our Senior Producer has a masters in modeling from the Academy of Art San Francisco. We have room for about 4 modeler artists now. If you would like to model a castle – join us. Our target audience is men and women 18-24 years old. We also appeal to kids and older people. Really the whole gamut.


Here’s what we need modeled right now: The candle workshop, the garden greenhouse, the watchtower observatory and the royal bedroom. Our quality is exquisite.

The Pay

We pay 100% on royalties. However, if we are successful you very well may become stinking, filthy rich, hehe. We offer half a percent of royalties to each modeler, but the max for a mobile game is about five million per day!! So the sky is the limit with revenues, once we are successful…!
Of course, if we fail – you get nothing. So it’s not without risk. We are the bold, strong, and brave!!


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