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Unreal Engine 4 Developer/Technical Artist – YOOZOO Interactive – Shanghai


Established in 2009, YOUZU Interactive is a global entertainment company specializing in game development and distribution. In June 2014, YOUZU Interactive was officially listed on the capital market, becoming the first domestic A-share gaming company in China.Following the Global Publishing & IP Strategy vision, YOUZU Interactive operates in five main sectors: Mobile games, browser games, distribution, platforms and overseas business.In 2014, YOUZU Interactive initiated the +U plan, a 350 million USD investment for product licensing and companies acquisitions. Together with experienced team, proven IPs and strong international partners YOUZU Interactive will continue to grow and develop in the future.

Unreal Engine 4 Developer


·Implement open architecture for game and cinematic production platform within Unreal.
·Develop a predictable, extensible, fault-tolerant tools/pipeline to aid artists in producing content.
·Design and implement solutions for gameplay mechanics, AI, player controls, animation, physics, and UI.
·Work closely with artists either alone or with a team of different scale.
·Contribute toward supporting and maintaining related areas of the Unreal Engine-4 code base.
·Identify risks for tech/development and proactively propose solutions .
·Supervision of junior or programmers if required .


2+ years work in UE4

Understanding of trade-offs in engine performance, scalability, and maintainability.
Direct work experience in game development with at least one delivered project.
Excellent knowledge and experience designing, developing, and implementing complex software applications and gameplay elements.
Developing for cross platform distribution (PC/Mobile)
Must be a team player capable of working as part of both small or large teams
Ability to perform continuous integration, configuration management, version control, and testing.

Strong knowledge in 3D graphics development (Particle Systems, Shaders) and performance optimization within game development.

Strong knowledge of matrix algebra, trigonometry and computational geometry essential.
Detailed knowledge of C++ essential.
Willing to work in Shanghai,China

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Unreal Engine 4 Technical Artist


Create high level cinematic sequences,assist optimizing current pipeline.

Collaborate with dev team to advance the real-time render experiences, chase for better virtual result while ensuring optimal performance.

Standardize and improve development processes for production of assets, materials, shaders, LODs, asset streaming, collisions, and interactions.
Design and implement solutions for gameplay mechanics, AI, player controls, animation, physics, and UI.
Look/dev passes of fog, lighting, post-processes and scene / level.

Work with developers to help build tools/games with better performance and user experience.


2+ years work in UE4
Comprehensive knowledge of the Unreal Engine 4
Able to work in Maya and 3DS Max
Experience in Motion Builder

Deep understanding of modeling, texturing, animation, & lighting for games.
Rich experience working with UE scripting and workflows: physically-based rendering, materials & real-time lighting
Experienced of efficient materials via the UE4 material editor
1+ year Experience as technical artist in developing game projects.

Willing to work in Shanghai,China

For the talents who are interested please contact:
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