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Red5 Studios Recruiting 3D Modeler

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3D Modeler Contractors

Location: Orange County, CA


The Studio

Red 5 Studios, creator of the free-to-play MMO Shooter Firefall (, is a video game developer dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers from across the planet by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories, and compelling characters.

Created by seasoned developers including the team-lead for vanilla World of Warcraft and the lead designer of Tribes and Tribes 2, Firefall’s combat is fast paced, furious, and plays like a top-tier action oriented shooter. It is the largest massively multiplayer co-op shooter made to date and offers a unique gameplay experience not found anywhere else.

The development process at Red 5 Studios is also deliberately unlike any other. Firefall is designed from the ground up with our audience at our core. We share our game’s early development builds and invite our audience to actively share feedback, allowing them to provide a meaningful contribution to the shaping our core gameplay. We regularly read our forums, reply to community feedback, and often times we’ll fly beta testers to our office for feedback sessions and early previews of upcoming builds.

Red 5 Studios is far more than just another game developer. We’re a family; a tribe of men and women who each bring our own unique experiences, knowledge, and accomplishments to the table. We believe that in order to build a great game, you first need great people, and actively encourage and organize fun team-building events and studio outings to strengthen and grow as a family.


The artists at Red 5 Studios work in a creatively dynamic and open environment, where everyone is encouraged to stretch their creative muscles and truly take ownership of their projects. Our artists aren’t constrained by a specific title or role; and a single member of the team may be asked to tackle many challenges. Utilizing the latest and greatest technologies to help us realize our goals, we’re on a mission to create a living, breathing world unlike any other for our players to explore.


Create high quality characters, environments, and props for in-game assets
Generate high quality textures to support models
Support the development goals and team’s efforts in fulfilling the requirements of the projects overall visual design being able to make changes in a timely manner as required
Working with all disciplines on the development team making a valuable contribution to the team’s success and its members


Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in modeling and texturing environments and characters
Technical knowledge of tools and pipelines
A keen eye towards form, structure, environments and anatomy
Strong communication skills which encourage honest feedback while contributing to the overall success of the team
Proven ability in high-poly modeling
Ability to create a wide range of models from vehicles to organic characters
A thorough understanding of one major modeling package – 3DS Max, XSI, or Maya
Experience using Zbrush or Mudbox
Unyielding passion for games


Previous experience shipping AAA game titles either PC or Console
Skin meshes

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