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Redrover Recruiting Animator

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Redrover is a Korea-based animation production company specializing in Global Feature Animations, such as SPARK and The Nut Job (2014). Our company is listed on the KOSDAQ, and we produce various animated contents for both exhibition and theatrical release. We are currently looking for global animators who can contribute to the production of The Nut Job 2, which is scheduled for theatrical release in 2016.

Redrover’s Demo Reel:

1. Job Title: Animator
2. Location: South Korea

3F, Bundang M Tower, 8 Gumi-ro, Seongnam-city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. (Zip Code: 463-870)

3. Eligibility Requirements:

– Must have 3+ years of experience in 3D computer animation
– Excellent communication skills and talent in animation.

4. Preferred Qualifications:

– Candidates who have previous experience working on animated feature films
– Candidates specializing in lip-sync and facial expression
– Candidates with English proficiency

5. Job description:

-You will be working five days a week.
-You will be working mainly on the production of our animated feature film, The Nut Job 2.
-We have both part-time (temporary) and full-time positions available.
-The salaries and compensation will be discussed after the interview.

*To apply, please make sure you follow the instructions given below.

6. Application Process

1) Submit your resume via e-mail.
2) Interview (Skype) with the staffs and the executive.
3) We will notify the results individually and discuss the details of the salaries.

7. Application Deadline

Till the position is full.

8. How to Apply

You need to submit your resume along with your cover letter and a portfolio. Please compress these documents into one file, and make a .zip file.

The .zip file should be named in the following format: “Animator_your” (e.g. Animator_John )
your form to

Once the application form is submitted, beware that we will not be able to return it to you.
The interview dates will be scheduled after we process the submitted application forms.

Email us for further questions.
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