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Asset Supervisor – Redrover (Korea/China)

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Picture Animation Artist recruit ( Asset Supervisor)

Redrover is a Korea-based animation production company specializing in Global Feature Animations,
such as SPARK and The Nut Job (2014).
Our company is listed on the KOSDAQ, and we produce various animated contents for both exhibition and theatrical release.
We are currently looking for global Artist who can contribute to the New project.

Redrover’s Demo Reel:

1. Location: South Korea

3F, Bundang M Tower, 8 Gumi-ro, Seongnam-city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. (Zip Code: 463-870)

2. Recruitment

Asset Supervisor


The Asset Supervisor is a senior Production role reporting to the CG Supervisor, Animation Supervisor, and Production Manager.
The Asset Supervisor provides guidance in the ongoing design and development of a production’s assets, providing direction to the Modeling,
Rigging and Surfacing department Leads and Artists in order to establish and maintain best technical practices.
A key directive for this role is to maximize both functionality as well as computational efficiency.
These directly define asset usability for the shot department artists.
Another significant component of this job is to participate with Production Engineering in defining specs and monitoring the evolution of an effective
and versatile production pipeline across the three Asset departments.
Clear and timely communication skills are essential.

The Asset Supervisor is responsible for the following:

· Working with the Modeling, Rigging, Surfacing asset departments, as well as the Layout, Animation and Lighting teams
in order to find economical methods of generating assets that fulfill the creative, technical, budgetary and time requirements of the production.
· Overseeing and coordinating with Leads of the asset crews to ensure that appropriate quality standards are met and maintained
according to the demands of the specific project.
· Serving as the mediator and liaison between the Asset departments and the rest of production when engaging with issues of computational
performance, system load, functionality and so on.
· Analyzing script breakdowns to determine asset complexity levels required for production.
· Planning out technical criteria for the assets given current and projected pipeline capabilities.
· Developing best practices for Leads and Artists, their testing strategies and asset release procedures, including quality-control checks ensuring
that all assets meet Animator usability benchmarks, and have consistent naming conventions, hierarchies and proper version identifiers.
· Sourcing suitable reference materials for required assets.
· Working to meet defined milestones within a production’s strict time constraints.
· Maintaining an intimate familiarity with software such as Maya, Mari, Photoshop, 3Delight, renderman and Zbrush
in order to be better able to troubleshoot and identify bugs.
· Writing and reviewing user and technical documentation relating to Asset workflows and production practices,
as well as technical specifications for pipeline and tool software developers.
· Mentoring and providing direction for Asset department Leads and their Artists.
· Preparing new hire orientations for Asset Leads and/or Artists.
· Assisting with HR tasks such as recruiting and performance evaluations.


· Significant (8+ years) of CG production experience, and at least two full productions.
· Work in China and Korea until the project is complete
· Complete familiarity with state of the art asset development workflows and practices.
· Very intimate knowledge of Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, BodyPaint, Mari, as well as hair and fur systems such as XGen, Yeti, or Shave and a Hair Cut;
experience with cloth simulation pipelines and with tools such as nCloth or Qualoth is also valuable.
· Experience with 3Delight or Renderman.
· Scripting proficiency in Python and MEL.
· Proven leadership, communication, scheduling and problem-solving abilities.

3. Job description:

· You will be working five days a week in Korea.
· You will be working mainly on the production of our animated feature film, The Nut Job 2.
· We have both part-time (temporary) and full-time positions available.
· The salaries and compensation will be discussed after the interview.

*To apply, please make sure you follow the instructions given below.

4. Application Process

1) Submit your resume via e-mail.
2) Interview (Skype) with the staffs and the executive.
3) We will notify the results individually and discuss the details of the salaries.

5. Application Deadline

Till the position is full.

6. How to Apply

You need to submit your resume along with your cover letter and a portfolio (by link).
Please keep your mail title “Animator Your name”

your form to

Once the application form is submitted, beware that we will not be able to return it to you.
The interview dates will be scheduled after we process the submitted application forms.

Email us for further questions.
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