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Reel FX Recruiting Junior Technical Director

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Junior Technical Director (Feature Film)

Category: Technical Director
Company: Reel FX
Location: Santa Monica (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Job Summary

The Junior Technical Director is a production position. The Junior Technical Director works closely with the production Supervising Technical Director, Production Technology team, and production artists to support the technical execution of a project. Technical Directors guide projects through the production pipeline by validating production assets, troubleshooting scenes, writing tools, and addressing technical challenges across all disciplines of the CG pipeline. The successful candidates have the ability to identify deficiencies in the technical process and to research, design, and implement solutions to enhance production workflow. Technical Directors must work well in a team-oriented production environment, where daily proactive problem solving and technical innovation are expected.

Duties and Responsibilities

Works closely with the production supervisors in the early strategy and technical setup of a project in order to clearly define workflow, optimize efficiencies, and enable fluid handoff of assets between departments for each stage of the pipeline.
• Troubleshoots problems across all pipeline disciplines; examples include: validation of modeling and texturing integrity and performance, asset (characters, props and environments) development and publishing, animation issues, lighting and rendering problems.
• Studies issue patterns and trends, identifies common technical problems in a production, and recommends/implements new processes or workflows to address those problems.
• Identifies efficiency tool development needs and works directly with leads, artists, and the Production Technology group to define requirements, develop and test prototypes, and rollout solutions.
• Monitors the handoffs between departments and identifies problematic areas or process bottle-necks; examples include: asset publishes from upstream departments, ingestion and management of animation data, and integration of character and visual effects into lighting scenes.
• Engages artists with a positive attitude and encourages feedback on solutions and actively implements solutions that recognize artist workflow and interface concerns.
• Collaborates with other Technical Directors and Tool Developers, attends regular Production Technology team meetings and serves an active role in the direction of the pipeline.

Education and Experience Requirements

• General production experience in the following areas: Layout, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Texturing, Fur, Cloth, Effects, Lighting, and Compositing.
• Thorough knowledge of CG production workflow and methodologies.
• Thorough knowledge of Maya, including script development in Mel or Python.
• Thorough knowledge of UNIX/Linux and Python.
• Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of personalities at varied levels of technical understanding.
• Ability to manage time and balance priorities amidst the pressures of our busy, deadline-driven industry.
Additional Experience & Skills Desired:
• Thorough knowledge of Houdini, Mari, and/or Nuke
• Experience working in C++, especially for shader and/or plug-in development.
• Experience using Git or other distributed version control systems in a collaborative environment.

Note: This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization

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