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Rhythm & Hues Recruiting 2D Compositor

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2D Compositor

Category: Compositor
Company: Rhythm & Hues Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Position Summary:

Compositors work closely with Lighters and Matte Painters to finish shots; seamlessly integrating live-action footage or elements.

Additional Info:

What does a good Digital Compositor show in his or her portfolio?

A Compositor must have a professional demo reel that shows the ability to solve complex compositing problems, such as dirty blue screens, suppressing unwanted highlights in areas to receive digital shadows, a grasp of compositing Lighting and FX elements. If possible, it is helpful to include shots with “before” and “after” versions or more explicit layer build-ups. Additionally, demo reels should show professional experience with node-based compositing systems such as Nuke and Shake. LINUX knowledge is helpful.


Integration of Lighting, FX, Practical and other elements into Live Action Backgrounds
Blue Screen/Green Screen matte extraction – Must have experience doing this
Compositing in a 2.5D / 3D Space – Must have experience doing this
Color Correction
2D tracking
Morphing or Warping
Touch-up painting

Required Skills:

Minimum 2-3 years of compositing experience in film, preferably at a major visual effects studio.
Needs to be comfortable in a LINUX environment, previous work with 2.5D/3D Compositing is a plus.
Must have experience with Nuke.

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