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Rhythm & Hues Recruiting Modeler

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Category: Modeller
Company: Rhythm & Hues Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Position Summary:

Modelers create polygonal models from a variety of reference types, including cyberscans, photos, blueprints and concept artwork. Modelers may also on occasion be required to create 3D concept sculpts using Zbrush or Mudbox. Modelers will ensure that their work adheres to internal standards of detail and construction, and will work with the Texture and Rigging Departments to ensure that their models meet the needs of those Departments.

Additional Info:

Successful applicants show a solid understanding of three-dimensional form, proportion and anatomy, and a high degree of attention to detail in all their work. Models of recognizable objects (celebrity faces, as opposed to generic heads) are preferred as they show the applicant’s ability to capture form and detail from two-dimensional reference. Wireframes of models are required as they show the applicant’s ability to anticipate deformations in the model during animation, as well as demonstrate a logical and economical wireframe layout. Our work is diverse in subject matter, so the applicant should demonstrate competence in a variety of model types, from mechanical (robots, motorcycles) to organic (horses, people) and a variety of styles, from realistic to cartoony.


Create organic characters and hard-surface models for Commercials and Feature Films
Apply groups, material definition and uv’s to models
Create blendshapes for models
Work in a team environment that includes Texture Painters, Riggers and Pre-lighters

Required Skills:

Familiarity with Linux Operating System
Zbrush and/or Mudbox
5 or more years of production experience
The following is required for the submission Reel (If the reel includes personal work, include wireframes. HD if possible) Reel shot breakdown * Resume

Desired Skills:

MEL scripting or equivalent
Experience in Texture painting, Rigging and/or Lighting
Background in Traditional Art, Sculpting or Architecture

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