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Art Director, Mumbai, India

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Art Director

The Riva Group is a leading theme park developer in the Middle East and South Asia and consists of three interlocking parts:

-Riva Arch specializes in the planning and design of theme parks, resorts and special attraction venues. Based in Dubai.
-Riva Digital is a 3D animation and effects company. It has the largest animation and visualization portfolio in the Middle East. It has offices in Dubai and Mumbai. Which are utilized for content creation for both theme park attractions and movie effects work. Riva Digital has deep ties in both Bolly-and Hollywood.
-Riva Creative is engaged in branding and intellectual property franchising. It is seated in Los Angeles.
Riva Digital is looking to fill one vacancy – an Art Director is needed for the Mumbai studio.


The Art Director, will be responsible for the management of the art, VFX and animation team, working with production on scheduling and tasking, and the overall growth and improvement of the art department.


· Manage individuals and production in the animation and art departments for movie VFX work and interactive theme park rides
· Direct the development of initial concepts and oversee finalization keeping it consistent throughout the process
· Supervise staff and provide direction, performance reviews, and guidance


· Experience as a lead, supervisor, art manager or art director
· A deep appreciation and understanding of pop cultural aesthetics
· Ability to deal a with a range of personnel issues including recruitment, career development and conflict resolution
· Must be willing to relocate Mumbai, India


· Experience in developing interactive theme park rides
· Experience in game development
· An interest in Virtual Reality


· Resume required
· Cover letter required
· Portfolio and / or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required

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    awful environment to work in, no one knows what the hell is going on, the managers have no idea how to run it, they are just there to obey the owner, they never pay on time, they never pay the freelancers, the managers messmanage the projects and they will ask from you to fix their mistakes which leads to work overtimes and weekend without and compensation, almost you won’t be able to take your leaves, and there is no compensation as well for that, if you have a problem you will never be able to communicate with anyone, your manager will ask from you to speak to HR and HR will tell you speak with your manager, when u bring them both in one room to face eachother they will tell you we will get back to you, no salary raise, many spies, they will monitor your skype chat to see if you are talking about the top management or not, this is literally happened with one there before. believe me don’t go there, it is a hell company.