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Rockstar Games Recruiting Interior Artist

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Interior Artist

Rockstar Games is looking for an Interior Artist to grow our Interior Team. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional technical 3D environment skills and the architectural/design knowledge to be able to benchmark interiors with finesse. The successful candidate will bring cohesion to the process of generating interiors – making sure everything from the architectural details, props, set dressing, and lighting embody the concepts and art direction of the underlying game.


You will help define and request props as well as provide quality control as needed in order to fulfill set dressing requirements.
You must be aware of design requirements and technical limitations.
You will work closely with Art Direction to help develop and implement best approaches to modelling, texturing, dressing and lighting-related tasks.
You will work closely with Programmers to ensure triangle counts and texture sizes are fully optimized for target platforms while minimizing any impact on artistic integrity of assets.
You will participate in R&D of new techniques to implement into production pipeline.
You will proactively seek feedback from Lead Artist, and Creative Directors.
You will ensure that the artistic style is consistent with the defined visual style for the game.


Extensive practical 3D experience and skills.
Superior 2D and 3D art skills.
Possess an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge shader techniques.
Additional education or professional experience with an emphasis in Architecture or Interior Design a plus.
Excellent compositional skills and all-around artistic expertise and flare.
Eagerness to learn new software tools and technologies.
Ability to work in a team setting, under deadlines and time constraints.
Expertise in Photoshop, 3dsmax, ZBrush or other technologies utilized in the production of game art.
Strong technical background with ability to grasp new programs and systems quickly.
Ability to work with a high degree of self-direction and motivation.
Strong communication and time management skills.
Able to prioritize and multi-task.
Creative nature with strong problem solving skills.
Passion for Games!


Must provide a portfolio through a webpage or other digital media to be considered.

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