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Rockstar Games Recruiting Procedural Animation Programmer

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Procedural Animation Programmer

Category: Other
Company: Rockstar Games
Location: Andover (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Rockstar is currently seeking an experienced Procedural Animation Programmer.
We are looking for a talented engineer to help us develop advanced animation and procedural technology. You should have strong initiative, a detailed knowledge of character animation systems and procedural techniques such as ragdolls and IK, as well as a passion for realistic, high quality character motion.


Develop, maintain, extend and support a wide range of procedural animation solutions, to achieve a variety of different character behaviors.
Work closely with both the core animation technology team and gameplay teams across different Rockstar studios.
Iterate with designers to continuously improve the quality and robustness of physics-driven animation in all Rockstar titles.
Independently research and develop new procedural animation techniques.


Strong C/C++ programming skills, OO design skills and 3D math background.
Detailed knowledge of character physics, ragdolls, IK, and more traditional animation techniques.
Experience developing within a large existing codebase, collaborating or working independently within a large team.
Familiarity with optimization and multi-threading techniques.
Passion for character based games, good eye for character and animation aesthetics.
Basic understanding of human motion and biomechanics, the cognitive and physiological processes involved, is a definite plus.
Good communication skills, ability to clearly share complex technical information with programmers, animators, and designers.

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