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Rodeo FX Recruiting VFX Compositor

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VFX Compositor



Achieve simple to complex compositing tasks at all stages of the production process including pre-comps, temp composites, 2D tracking, 2D effects, extractions, selection and integration of elements, and color grading
Produce high level photorealistic images and create seamless transitions between filmed footage and composited 2D and 3D elements;
Work with the visual effects supervisor and the compositing supervisor to determine creative and technical approaches.
Deliver work within established project targets and the high quality standards of the company.
Experience in compositing photorealistic images of high-quality and skills to create a smooth transition between shooting plans and 2D/3D elements.
A strong sense of compositing, color and design, and a thorough knowledge of the film industry and color.
Extensive knowledge of extraction techniques of bluescreen and greenscreen


Experience in VFX production in a similar position;
Good working knowledge of Nuke software
Developed artistic and precision senses, good eye and mastery of photographic shooting including knowledge of color, light (reflection, refraction, shadows), perspective and composition;
Ability to remain calm under pressure
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Work ethic focused on dynamism and collaboration; ability to perform multiple tasks, prioritize and solve problems

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