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Rodeo FX Recruiting VFX Editor

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VFX Editor

Category: Editor
Company: Rodeo FX
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description
Rodeo FX is looking for an experienced VFX Editor with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the film industry. This person must have very strong editing skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner and be very proactive.

The ideal candidate:

Edit all VFX work in progress in the offline sequences and have them ready for dailies. Update all sequences with any changes that might come from the clients.
Organize all the sequences and timelines created during the course of a project to have them available at all time. Keep track of dates and versions.
Excellent knowledge of AVID is required.
Excellent knowledge of Final Cut Pro is required.
Support the production in any editorial demands including approval sessions with clients.
Take an active part in the I/O process to ensure common formats and procedures.
Be proactive in finding ways to work with the best and most efficient technologies and troubleshoot when necessary.
Update all demo reels of the company in general and for all shows in particular. Create work in progress demo reel for shows that are still in production.


If submitting an application by email, please include the title of the position for which you’re applying in the subject line of your correspondence. Thank you.

Rodeo FX Recruiting VFX Editor, Rodeo FX, Rodeo FX jobs, Rodeo FX hiring, vfx jobs, cg jobs, 3d jobs, jobs, animator