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2D Pipeline Developer – Vancouver (Immediate)

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Scanline VFX specializes in creating complex effects for high end feature film and commercials. With 25 years experience in the European VFX world, Scanline has now opened its Los Angeles and Vancouver facilities.
In 2010, Scanline VFX was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for its work on director Clint Eastwoods Hereafter, which featured a tsunami sequence that TIME magazine called the most exciting, expertly assembled flood scene in movie history. Scanline VFX is well known for its proprietary, in-house fluid effects software Flowline, for which it received a 2008 Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Award.
Works with the Head of Pipeline and Production to architect, develop and maintain new and existing production tools and supporting modules in Nuke, Silhouette, Shotgun and other software used by our facilities, using primarily python.


· Design, build, and maintain software using a variety of languages, tools, and 3rd-party packages in a team environment
· Advanced expertise with Nuke a requirement, specifically with the ability to program new tools and plug-ins for project based needs
· 3+ years VFX Pipeline experience required
· Excellent Python, C++, and TCL knowledge
· Experience automating complex processes of scenes that consist of a large number of VFX assets.
· Production experience with computer graphics application software: Nuke
· Possesses Understanding of Color Science
· VFX development production experience with a deep understanding of pipeline based workflows from start to finish including but not limited to production and delivery deadlines.
· Excellence in problem solving
· Must be detail oriented, organized, and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
· Ability to handle high stress environments
· Must be able to work well with a wide range of personality types.


· Basic knowledge of 3D packages such as 3DS Max and Maya
· Linux experience
· Qt, PyQt knowledge
· Knowledge of relational database design and implementation
· Development experience with digital media formats, media viewers and media architectures as related to the computer animation and/or visual effects production.
· Degree in computer science
· Familiarity with any other computer graphics related software not listed above
· Understanding and experience with client-server and other multi-tiered system environments.

Applying for a role:

· We have a very thorough recruitment process and we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent so if you have submitted an application within the past 3 months, you’re already on our radar. You only need one application in our database and you won’t need to submit another application unless your work history or your body of work has changed significantly in that time.

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