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Job Description:

This matchmover creates a 3D scene including a matchmove camera. As a matchmover you will interpret live-action footage utilizing 3d camera tracking software and proprietary scripts.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide artists with 3d animated cameras that match the move of the original live-action camera.
• Use basic modeling skills along with 3d software to generate low resolution (proxy) geometry as necessary. Provide layout as necessary.
• Troubleshoot bad calibrations. Assist junior matchmove artists with troubleshooting.
• Understand production camera reports and the various measurements associated with VFX plate photography.
• Matchmate objects and characters to live-action plates as necessary.
• Generate scripts and research technology as necessary.
• Attend live-action shoot and gather camera / set data as required for matchmoving and other departments. Work with visual effects supervisor on set to determine these needs.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

• Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Two years of related experience preferred
• Computer literacy; 3d packages such 3dEquilizer, Maya, 3DsMax and Nuke

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