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Scanline VFX Recruiting SR VFX Editor

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SR VFX Editor

Job No: SVFX61
Location: Multiple Locations

Scanline VFX specializes in creating complex effects for high end feature film and commercials. With 25 years experience in the European VFX world, Scanline has now opened its Los Angeles and Vancouver facilities.
In 2010, Scanline VFX was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for its work on director Clint Eastwoods Hereafter, which featured a tsunami sequence that TIME magazine called the most exciting, expertly assembled flood scene in movie history. Scanline VFX is well known for its proprietary, in-house fluid effects software Flowline, for which it received a 2008 Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Award.
Past films for the Scanline VFX Group include 300: Rise of an Empire, Godzilla, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Divergent, Pompeii, The Avengers, Battleship, A Good Day to Die Hard, Super 8 (on which it created the highly regarded train crash sequence, in collaboration with ILM), 2012, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, 300, Iron Man, The Invasion, Poseidon, Immortals and, most recently, Iron Man 3, The Wolf of Wall Street, Man of Steel, and White House Down. Current productions include: Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, San Andreas, Fast & The Furious 7, Pan, In the Heart of the Sea, and several other projects to be announced soon. We offer demanding and challenging work in a highly cooperative team, sophisticated and interesting tasks in elaborate productions for feature films, as well as excellent opportunities for further development.

About This Role


The SENIOR VFX Editor incorporates all required versions from pre-vizilation through to final composites of visual effects shots into the current cuts of live action sequences. Also has the ability to create a functioning environment where the Visual Effects Supervisor\leads, and artist can evaluate any version of any shot in the current sequences for aesthetic and technical direction.
Requirements and Desired skills:
– Maintain sequence(s) edit and inserting visual effect shots into the editing timeline
– Ensure the production database (using Shotgun) is maintained with shot counts and lineup
– Ensure that shots cut into the sequence are correct in terms of counts and lineup
– Preparing sequence edits for client approval when required
– Organize and run the dailies session
– Aiding in any pipeline/development issues that surround outsource
– At least 2+ years experience working in a VFX Editorial Department
– Demonstrate proficiency in editing using Avid or Final Cut Pro (Avid preferred)
– A firm understanding of the VFX process, workflow and terminology
– Possess an understanding of film and HD video formats, files, frame rates, and resolutions
– File encoding/transcoding experience, exhibiting a sound understanding of video codecs and file formats
– Have basic Photoshop skills
– Compressor
– DVD Studio Pro or Encore
– 2k Playback software such as Framecycler or RV

Candidate must be:

– Self motivated individual
– Keen to learn new skills and applications
– Excellent communicator
– Strong multi-tasker
– Good eye for detail
– A team player
– Problem Solver
– Calm under Pressure
– A love of film and VFX

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