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VFX Producer – Scanline VFX (Vancouver)

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VFX Producer

Current projects in production: Batman v Superman, The 5TH Wave, Ben-Hur, King Arthur, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Independence Day 2
This position is for those available for an immediate start.
The VFX Producer reports to the President, Vice President and Executive Producer. He/she is responsible for constructing the overall show schedule, ensuring the Production Supervision staff is meeting the schedule, and watching over the day-to-day operations of the show within the facility. He/she is responsible for ensuring clear communication to the client and the production team, and that the production delivers on time and within the budget. Along with the VFX Supervisor, he/she is responsible for artistic cohesion with the client.

Responsibilities include:

· In tandem with the Digital Production Manager constructs the initial “broad-strokes” schedule of deliverable items and dates.
· Works with the supervisory team to assess the original scope of work and all creative iterative changes from a time, schedule and budget perspective.
· In tandem with the Digital Production Manager, helps determine show crewing and scheduling.
· Manages day-to-day operations of the show within the facility, including watching over the DPM, coordinators and members of the Production Staff.
· Manages the overall timely information flow within the show and between the show and facility.
· Works in tandem with the VFX, CG and Compositing Supervisors to foster the partnership between the creative and production arms of the Production Supervision crew.


· A four year university degree
· 5 Years experience on major feature films
· Experience on a large (500+ shots) multi-vendor production
· Excellent written and oral communication skills
· Advanced Excel skills
· Shotgun, or other production management software experience, not required, but definitely preferred.
· Outsource experience not required, but definitely preferred.

To apply for any of our open positions, please submit a cover letter and resume with a link to your online website/portfolio to:

We are unable to return materials, so please don’t submit originals.

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