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Senior C++ Programmer

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Virtuos is one of the largest providers of outsourced production services to the game and movie industries. Founded by one of the most experienced teams of game production specialists in China, Virtuos delivers high-quality digital entertainment production especially programming. The Lead Game Programmers supervises over the technical tasks of a projects assigned. This includes creating technical documentation, making estimates for tasks, providing solutions to Game Developers under them, etc. working together with the Game Producer to make sure that the project is moving in the correct direction.

• Design, maintain, implement, test and debug code.Write technical design Code of the project including network synchronization, AI, render effect and etc.
• Distinguish, analyze and report risks/ problems/ solving project and future development
• Profiling code to optimize software components of a game
• Research cutting-edge algorithms and techniques.
• Create tools, features and engine components to required coding standards.
• Work with a producer and report to him

• Bachelor in computer science or software engineering education
• Proficient in C + + language, more than 4 years of relevant work experience gaming industry
• Have a good command of English and be able to adapt to the English working environment
• Good coordination and communication skills, can work under high pressure
• Good problem solving resilience
• An innovative force in the profession
• There AI, school or image rendering experience is preferred, there is supervision / management experience is a plus

If you are interested in this position, please sent your resume to
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