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Shade VFX Recruiting Compositing Supervisor

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Compositing Supervisor, NYC or LA

Sometimes you get to a point in your career where you enjoy sharing your knowledge as much as creating your art, and maybe this is the time for you.

Shade VFX is seeking Compositing Supervisors who are amazing artists themselves, but also want to lead a team, to guide younger artists in cool techniques and lessons learned over the years. A perfect candidate has a strong concept of color and pipeline processes, feels comfortable leading a room as much as just listening in, and wants to help the facility, and everybody in it, grow in skill and experience.

Speaking of experience, you need to have a lot of it for this job. Like years. You should know Nuke like the back of your hand, and visual effects like an old (and sometimes difficult) family member. You should be personable, affable and compatible. You’ll be working under a VFX Supervisor, so you should be able to advise him, yet also follow his lead. When he’s not around, you need to fill in for him, pushing his vision of the project not your own. Essentially, we need team players here.

If you think you have what we need, send us your resume and a link to your demo reel. This is a staff position, including a variety of cool benefits.

We have positions open in both Los Angeles and New York.

Apply at:
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