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Shade VFX NYC Seeking Nuke Compositors

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Tired of working for a company that has lame snacks or makes you work on Twizzler spots? Been craving some cool episodic or feature work that you can proudly tell your mom about?

Shade VFX New York is seeking not just a compositor but an artist, one who loves doing great work in a team environment, who actually cares about what they do and how well they do it. We work on some of the coolest shows in the industry, and with a group of rock stars of our own who will elevate your game. Or maybe you’ll elevate ours! If you are tired of the grind at your current gig, or just want a new challenge, this might be your opportunity.

We work in Nuke, so make sure that’s your bag. Our offices are on Park Avenue, close to Grand Central, and across the street from a killer Chipotle. If you think you belong here, click the link below and apply!

Apply here:
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