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Seeking Obnoxiously Organized VFX Coordinator

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Shade VFX NYC has a lot of stuff to organize. Not stuff like your closet or that drawer where you keep everything you don’t know where to put, but are afraid to throw away. Think more of a librarian, a manager for data, the Key Master of information. That’s the kind of coordinator we are looking for.

We have an opening for a visual effects coordinator who likes to be the “keeper of stuff”, the source for data as it moves through shot production. This is a key position in the pipeline for all our episodic and feature projects. You should be, um, well… organized, love putting things in spreadsheets, and thrive on being the person who knows where to find everything. Great candidates are Windows AND iOS knowledgeable, have a crazy love for Excel, and are good verbal communicators.

You’ll work in a team, so getting along with others is a must. You should have some experience in visual effects, and be very reliable. This is a staff position, with benefits to match.

To apply, visit our carriers page at and send us your resume & cover letter.
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