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Sony Imageworks Vancouver Seeks FX Software Development Engineer

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Sony Pictures Imageworks produces high-end visual effects for movies, such as the Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Oz the Great and Powerful. The company’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for Spider-Man 2.

Today, Imageworks is unique in its ability to provide quality digital production for live action, all-CG, motion capture and hybrid live-action/animated films. Its community of innovative digital artists and computer technologists collaborate creatively with filmmakers, helping them to bring their vision from the storyboard to the theater and delight audiences around the globe.

We currently have an opening to join our Vancouver Canada office as an FX Software Development Engineer


The FX Software Development Engineer is responsible for the creation of production software and pipeline-related tools and solutions focused in the area of FX animation and simulation. The position requires strong software development skills, expertise in one or more programming languages, and the ability to design high quality, robust, and easy to maintain code and tools. The engineer is primarily responsible for development and implementation of production and studio tools under the guidance of a departmental lead. This position requires collaboration with other engineering staff, project managers, and production users to develop and implement innovative studio capabilities.


Experience programming in C/C++, python
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Experience with UNIX / LINUX
Ability to design and implement systems in a complex library
Knowledge of user interface design and standard UI toolkits, specifically QT/pyQT
Ability to learn and work independently and in a nimble team environment
Proven ability to deliver high quality software in a fast paced, dynamic environment

Desired Skills:

Strong understanding of computer graphics concepts and both pipeline and tool development for Houdini, and/or Maya.
Desired Experience:
3-5 years of feature film or video game production focused engineering experience
3-5 years of experience with Houdini and/or Maya API’s
Up-to-date knowledge of state of the art 3rd party and open source solvers, Bullet, Physx, Naiad, DMM etc..
Multi-threaded and CUDA development and optimization
Computational geometry


The Backend Development team works closely with artists in rendering, compositing, stereo, color science and fx. We support both off-the-shelf and proprietary tools, developing the workflows that help artists efficiently create amazing images for film.

Core technology growth in our Katana lighting tool, working closely with The Foundry’s Katana engineers.
Ongoing contributions to open source projects like OpenColorIO, OpenImageIO, OSL, Alembic, and more.
GPU implementations for visualization of assets.
Support color integration for all shows and outside vendors as well.
Creating cutting-edge, next generation rendering algorithms within our version of Arnold.
Reducing the time to first pixel as well as finding efficiencies through more streamlined toolsets.
Leveraging and honing OSL to produce easy-to-use, realistic shaders that just look good out of the box.
Integrating Houdini and Maya tools to our fx pipeline. Visualizing fx elements within Katana and Arnold.
Continuously improving toolsets, as needs arise, for show driven technology requirements.
Those with a penchant for assessing artist workflow limitations, and the aptitude to implement a cohesive solution, are encouraged to apply.

To apply please send a resume to: Please reference the job title in the subject line of your email.
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